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Opening your Rustic Gate of Wisdom

The Rustic gate of wisdom

Yesterday I wrote about the New Moon in Cancer, and how in this month’s journey we connect to our creativity, nurturing and mothering/birthing (self, others, etc).

And then this morning, I came across a book I had read last year but which somehow found its way onto my desk. I have no idea how that happened …. but was, of course, interested in this lovely communication from Spirit!

What did this book want me to know?

The book was “The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom” By Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. WOW, a perfect book to (re)read this month! And an affirmation of my path, and of the creative spirit.

In the book, Arrien (a cultural anthropologist and author) guides us through life’s Gates of Wisdom, accompanied by a very wise gnome. This journey is common in many cultures and has strong shamanic connections.  I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone…  and especially to those approaching the middle or later years of life.

I loved this short passage on the fifth gate, The Rustic Gate…. and how at any age it is necessary and so vital to (re)connect to our creative fire…. to integrate our internal journeys… to find purpose and meaning at every stage of life… and to respect the wisdom of our Elders.

“And then you will come upon the Rustic Gate, etched with distinctive designs and opened to a vast green meadow flanked by high mountains. In the middle of the meadow burns the fire that takes no wood. On a boulder near the fire sits a gnome who wags his fingers and says ‘You’ll never find your way out unless you reconnect to the creative fire.’ The Rustic Gate requires that you leave behind the work of your life-dream as an offering to others.”

This month I am exploring my creativity through more writing…. crafting…. drawing…. singing…. playing the piano….. and, as always, continuing to offer my life-dream and work as an offering to others.

How are YOU connecting to your creative fire on this month’s journey?




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