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Quarter Moon Wisdom: How will you BE?

moon-357365_1920Our beautiful moon, Luna, is in the first quarter of her cycle around the Earth and half-way to the luminous Full Moon coming on July 18th.

In the early days of her Cycle each month, in the New Moon, we have an opportunity to start a new journey, to plant new seeds, to manifest and birth new projects and ideas. In the Waxing Moon, we commit to those ideas… we want to “get’er done”!

This is the perfect time to take another look at those dreams and ideas. What have you set in motion? What is flourishing?

For some, this commitment can be a little stressful, especially after the emotional events around the world in the last week (compounded by the New Moon in Cancer, a watery emotional sign) which taps into our mothering and nurturing instincts… wanting to protect and nurture those we love… as well as protect and nurture our ideas, our Self, our projects.

I know for me that it was a very intense week! The fires of Midsummer in late June had ignited me way more than I needed! I overcommitted my energy by starting several new projects, planting too many new seeds, and at times literally felt like I was simultaneously holding my breath and gasping for air…. For me, it was time to dampen the fires a little and take a look at what true nurturing and mothering might be in terms of self-care.

Quarter Moon Soul Questions

In Week Two of this month’s journey with the Moon, ask your Self some Soul Questions before starting and committing to a new project such as these ones I pondered:

  • Do I really need to do this?
  • Why now?
  • Do I have all the resources I need, including my own time?
  • Could I accomplish this another way?
  • Is there another time where this might flow much more easily in my life?
  • Will doing this give me the outcome I’m looking for? Why? How?
  • If I dropped the “should” from my mindset, what would I choose to do this month?

When we get caught up in the “should” and FOLO thinking (Fear of Losing Out), we can set ourselves up for failure…. poor planning, overcommitting, etc.

My Soul Question insight

As I worked through the Soul Questions, the insight came back to the core message of the Cancer New Moon: nurturing.

I was so busy nurturing other people and nurturing my business, that I wasn’t nurturing me. I had piled far too much onto my plate this month and was feeling the self-imposed pressure build up to a critical point.

Instead, I am now choosing to focus instead not on “stuff” but on how I want to BE this month, not on what I want to DO this month:

WP 584 x 100-15

WP 584 x 100-11

So, I have cut back on a few things and let go of the need to finish everything I started this month. Just that simple step made it easier to breathe… to sleep… to think.

Some may think this is somewhat against conventional teaching – especially for me as a coach! –  but the healthy choice is to do something because it’s the right thing to do at the right time…. and not because you’ve already invested time and energy in it. We can still honour a commitment by choosing to complete it at another time: when we have more resources available, when we can do it with ease and simplicity, and when we can give giving it the time and energy it requires.

How has the New Moon in Cancer manifested for you? How are things going this month? Share in your journal, in the Comments area or on the @InnerJourneyEvents Facebook page (I’ll post a  link to this article there).





4 thoughts on “Quarter Moon Wisdom: How will you BE?”

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    I don’t often reblog the posts of others ~ somehow it feels like cheating. However, the ‘Quarter Moon Soul Questions’ asked in this post are exactly what I need to ask myself right now. I am on the point of making so many new commitments….


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