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Infuse your Full Moon release with Capricorn’s grounding energy

IG posts_May 2016-7Do you have your Full Moon Ritual planned for tonight? You can also do your ritual at any time during the three-day phase of the Full Moon, so plenty of time to plan!

This month I’ll be using a Water Release in my ritual (first published in this blog in October 2015) but I am adding a Part II for even more grounding with the Capricorn earth energy.

Why a Full Moon Release?

Someone asked me the other day why we release at the Full Moon. Great question!

The Full Moon marks  both the point of fullness in the monthly lunar cycle but also the start of the waning cycle, as the Moon’s energy shifts from yang energy back to yin energy, as it starts to decrease in brightness, as its journey moves towards its end and its completion. This is a time of healing and rejuvenation, and the perfect time to release anything negative or unneeded that we might have carried from the last Full Moon.

During our Full Moon ritual, we release all those negative or burdensome energies to Grandmother Moon and ask her to renew and fill our spirit again on our monthly journey.

There are many ways to release during your Full Moon ritual, and I always like to incorporate the prominent elements of the current month into my ritual. This month we have the Water energy of Cancer and the Earth energy of Capricorn, so think about ways you can bring those elements into your work such as decorating your altar with elements of both (shells, water, sand, stones, crystals, etc.) for incorporating into your release.

Last year, I posted a lovely gentle water release which is perfect for your Full Moon Release this month. This will be Part I of your release. Click here to read in full.

You will be complete after Part I, but if you want to deepen the release even more, following up with Part II will bring in those lovely earthy grounding energies of Capricorn. You will use a detoxifying sea salt bath to fully release and ground.

Part II: Detoxifying Bath

Detoxifying and cleansing baths are used by many cultures around the world and this simple detox bath is a wonderful way of completing your ritual, of fully releasing and grounding the new energies. The salts represent the grounding energy of Capricorn and Mother Earth and, of course, the water represents… well, the Water element!

Some call this a shaman’s bath, although those baths often use much more salt and potentially added herbs.

You can take this bath once you have fully completed your Full Moon work, closed the directions / elements, thanked your guides, or you can do Part II immediately after Part I (perfect for the solitary practitioners out there). If working in circle, it’s likely easier to complete Part II when you get home!

Measure approximately two or more cups of your favourite bath salt or bath salt blend (depending on the size of your tub!).

I like a combo of one-third Epsom Salts, one-third Magnesium flakes and one-third sea salt. You can also use any combination of sea salts, Himalayan salts, Dead Sea Salts with the Epsom Salts or Magnesium flakes that your prefer. A handful of baking soda is also great for soothing the skin and further detoxifying.


  • a candle for relaxing and for purifying the air
  • a few drops of essential oils for adding to the tub. Use something grounding such as cedar, lavender, frankincense, patchouli … or just your favourite blend.
  • music – choose something spiritual or relaxing and play softly in the background

As you run the water into your tub, slowly add your salts and oils, allowing them to diffuse and dissolve into the water. Light your candle, put on the music, and then invite your guides and allies into this sacred space you have created.

Soak in the healing salts and oils for at least 15 minutes.

Relax, and recall what you released to Grandmother Moon in your Water Release and what wisdom and energies you are inviting in for the rest of this lunar journey…. and ask your guides for their help in grounding both that release and welcoming the new energies.

Before you leave the tub, thank your guides once again for their support.




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