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Journal Your New Moon Dreams and Full Moon Manifesting

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I love being in the energy of the Full Moon, so bright in the sky and full of energy, and bringing us to the peak of the Mother energy in Luna’s cycle — abundance, fullness, life, and passion —and the mid-point marker in our lunar journey from New Moon to Dark Moon, from Child to Youth to Adult to Elder, from Maiden to Mother to Crone. We learn and grow from the wisdom of each cycle.

The July Full Moon arrives today, July 19th, at 15:57 Pacific time / 18:57 Eastern Time / 22:57 GMT and is known by many names in many cultures including (in the Northern Hemisphere) Full Buck Moon, Full Thunder Moon, Full Hay Moon, Hungry Ghost Moon and Blueberry Moon while south of the Equator it may be recognized as Wolf Moon, Ice Moon or Old Moon.

This Full Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, an earth sign with a wonderful grounding energy. It’s time to connect with Mother Earth and to deepen our roots and connect with our Inner Self on our life’s journey. This lovely Capricorn earth energy supports us fully in manifesting and grounding whatever short-term or longer-term goals and ideas we birthed at the beginning of the month and at the New Moon in Capricorn in January.

Hmmm… did I hear someone say “What? January?”

Yes, it’s true that the Lunar cycle is monthly, roughly 29 1/2 days to revolve around our blessed Mother Earth and we see her cycles so easily as she waxes (brightens) and wanes (darkens) throughout the month.

But while Luna is cycling the Earth, the Earth is cycling the Sun, passing through the stars and constellations, and the energies of air, fire, water and earth, as we experience the waxing (days growing longer and brighter) and waning (days growing shorter and less bright) throughout the year.

If we entrain with Nature, as I do, we follow the sun and moon cycles throughout the year. We birth new things, projects and ideas in the New Year and the New Moon. Some folks believe that the goals we set at the New Year take longer to grow, mature and manifest while those we set at the New Moon are for shorter-term. And that could definitely be true. But there is another dimension: we don’t have to wait for the New Year (whenever you choose to observe it) to set new goals. We can birth them under any New Moon and track their progress throughout the month OR the year, depending on how long they may take to manifest.

This month, however, those two views do coincide! The first New Moon of this calendar year was on January 9th and was in Capricorn. The Full Moon in Capricorn of July brings us to the mid-point of both the lunar and the Sun cycle… a perfect time to review both those BHGs (Big Hairy Goals!) you birthed in January AND any shorter-term goals or intentions you set at this month’s New Moon on July 4th.

This is why it is so important to journal your intentions, dreams and goals set at each New Moon and noting whether they are lunar goals, just for the current month, or year-long goals to be reviewed throughout the year.

And even if you do not set goals each month or each year, capturing your thoughts in a journal is a wonderful way to start to see your own cycles, patterns, energies as we move throughout the lunar month and the calendar year.

Do you have your Full Moon Ritual planned for tonight? You can also do your ritual at any time during the three-day phase of the Full Moon, so plenty of time to plan.

This month I’ll be using a Water Release in my ritual (first published last year) but adding a Part II for even more grounding with the Capricorn earth energy.  Stay tuned!



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