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Releasing the layers to your Inner Self


How was last night’s Full Moon in Capricorn for you? I set up my altar and did my Water Release ritual… so gentle, calming and healing.

We will be enjoying that Full Moon energy for a couple more days so if you wish to do Full Moon work or a Full Moon release ritual there is still time.🌝

A few of you checked in with me this morning because the Water Release had an unexpected outcome… As they cleared and released their “stuff”, other “stuff” came to their awareness.

And that’s okay. As we peel away the layers in the process of connecting to our true Inner Self, and in our healing, the release ritual may allow other “stuff” to bubble up, through the masks our mind had created to keep them hidden and submerged.

For me, this is all part of connecting to our Inner Self and the healing process. So be gentle with yourself… allow the healing to start, to process, to complete… allow your Self to be expressed.

Connect with your Inner Self, let it heal you, let your soul shine bright.

In the words of Rumi:

“When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt, pain itself will crack the rock and Ah! let the soul emerge.”

A few weeds and dandelions may emerge from that crack… but they are healing too! And a beautiful flower may find its way through too.

Because here’s the thing…. this “stuff” that emerges is not necessarily limited to negative emotions or buried painful experiences that we are not ready to face for any number of reasons.

In fact, some people (re)discover or acknowledge positive aspects. Why, you say? In my experience as a coach, I have found that some people are not comfortable living from their strengths or true qualities for a wide variety of reasons: fear of overshadowing others… not comfortable or confident about those strengths… Or even that those qualities are not considered “right” or “suitable” or “appropriate” by their society, country or culture.

A client connected with me this morning to share her experience of her Full Moon Release Ritual. She had had a profound insight about her soul work and practice and receive a new way of working with her clientele .. all because she had released a (self-limiting) belief about how her work “should” be done.

She had not been happy in her work, in some of the “truths” and industry conventions with which she operated. So, she asked the question “What would my work look like without this belief?” And her wise Inner Self stepped and told her!!!

She knew in her heart what to do and how to be authentic but hadn’t been brave enough to step into what she wanted to do… simply because no one else she knew was doing it this way! And her wise Inner Self knew how to make the changes and how to communicate her new way.

And that’s the thing about being a true leader and innovator… you may be the only one on the path for a while until you can shine the light of your ideas with others.

Her plan is to continue to release even more throughout the waning moon and then rework everything at the start of next month’s New Moon… And in a lovely twist, she live south of the equator so the next New Moon coincides with Imbolc, a perfect time for birthing new things!

I love how this works!


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