Earth Medicine, Spirituality

Changing the story of our Soul

“Our bodies are made of stardust; our souls are made of stories.”
– Rev. Thomas Rhodes

So many of us are shocked and saddened by the current state of our planet and its people — the violence, fear, inequality, non-sustainability — and speak of their despair, that they feel powerless to change it.

But what if we could?

What if that sense of powerlessness is just a “story” we believe to be true?

What if we could contribute to the shift rather than feel we are powerless to move to it?

What if we become participants rather than bystanders?

What if we could change the story?

So let’s look at our stories… our beliefs about our Self and others… our beliefs about “that’s just the way it is” or “there’s nothing I can do about that“.

Where might you be holding your Self back? What beliefs and “stories” about your Self can be released so you can step into a more empowered and authentic self?

And then … look beyond your Self to where you can support others in making change by sharing your light on their journey, by sparking awareness just by your words and actions.

Start by looking within to your special qualities, to your gifts, to your inner resources and wisdom. What have you learned or experienced that could be shared with others to shine a light in areas of concern? Where can you raise your voice or contribute your time?

We each have so many causes that speak to us directly, so much we want to share to improve our culture and lifestyle. What is yours? Perhaps it’s saving or rewilding a local park…. building a permaculture garden… supporting girls’ education and empowerment… passing on indigenous arts and crafts from your culture… advocacy… fighting cancer… sharing beauty through images and words…. creating music… teaching people to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

For instance, I am passionate about the health of this planet and her people, and the vital importance of the relationship between the two. I express that through the choices I make in how I live, in my work and where I volunteer my time.

My invitation to you

Make a different choice: Hope rather than despair. Possibility rather than defeat. Love rather than fear. Acceptance rather than judgment. Action rather than passivity.


🌀 Re-examine the perceived status quo.

🌀 Question the story.

🌀 Start to shift and reframe your story about it.

🌀 Create a new paradigm.

🌀 Find new emotions to express your new story, your new song.

🌀 Share your new song… adding the rhythms and music of your life.

🌀 Be a catalyst for change and light the way for others.

There IS a way for you to make a difference.

Yesterday I pondered on my Soul Song… What is the new song you will sing to the world?

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