Sharing my song with the world


What is the “story” that you are singing? What is your song? What is the “story” that others are singing?

I like to think that I live in a world of awareness, intention, love and possibility… That’s my song.

I sing my hopes, my dreams, my love of Nature and Her people, her creatures and plants, her Earth and Waters, her beauty… That is my Earth Medicine.

I sing a song of love and compassion, of acceptance…

When I hear a song of fear or hatred, I sing sweetly and lovingly trying to fill that void with something better.

And if I hear my own old song of fear emerging… I sing even louder as I hold space for my Self as it unlearns and releases old songs.

Let’s sing a new song for this world of ours….

🌿 From soulstice by Drew Dellinger 🌿

everything is shining in glory
singing a story

if love is a language
then I am just
learning to spell
while there’s a story
that the stars
have been
to tell

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