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Find your coeur-age with the New Moon in Leo

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Another month, another new journey with Grandmother Moon!

The New Moon in Leo arrived today, Tuesday, August 2nd at 20:44 UTC (1:44 PM Pacific Time here in Vancouver).

Leo is a sign of courage and the heart (“coeur“-age), which is my personal theme for the month. Hopefully you will find something that resonates on your journey this month, or you could simply adopt this theme.

Coeur-age: acting from the heart, living from the heart, speaking from the heart.

The New Moon in Leo brings us fire, creativity, passion, sexuality and leadership. After all, Lion is King of the Jungle! And remember that leadership does not always mean leading other folks… it’s about taking leadership in our own life too.

This is the month to honour your Heart: your friendships, your relationships with loved ones and — most importantly — your relationship with your Self. Show your Self a little love this month. Have a “Be Kind to ME Day” every day!

Soul Questions for the New Moon

SM 800 x 800-5As you start your New Moon journey, I invite you to begin the month by meditating on your Heart Chakra and contemplate all things heart.

If you need help creating your own Soul Questions for the month, ponder on the one below. If they resonate with you, meditate on them and note your thoughts in your journal… or customize so that they are even more personal.

  • How do you honour your Heart and your Self?
  • How do you honour others in relationships such as your partner, your friends, your family?
  • Where (and when) might you need to raise your awareness about self-care, self-love?
  • And let’s not ignore the Shadow side of love :
    • Where and when do you  love too much, give too much?
    • Where and when do you expect too much or need too much?

And to make this process even more powerful, consider taking a journey with your guides or allies and asking for their sage wisdom to support your explorations.

In the spirit of self-care— and honouring the extreme Yin energy of the New Moon — do not rush into your Soul Work for the month immediately… gently start the planting those  the seeds of reflection.

The New Moon is with us for about three days, so focus on creating your goals and intentions for the month by the first hint of light in the waxing crescent in a couple of days.



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