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Create your August intentions with coeur-age


How was your meditation (or journey) on the New Moon in Leo earlier this week? What insights were revealed and planted in your heart and soul? Are you ready to move into the next phase of your new journey… planting and manifesting your intentions?

The dark phase of the New Moon — pure Yin and intensely intuitive — is now complete and we can see the glimmer of light in the waxing crescent. Perhaps you can already feel the rising Yang energy that will support you in manifesting your intentions?

In the dark phase of the New Moon, the seeds of your dreams and intentions were planted firmly in the soil of your soul. And now it is time for those seeds to take root, to be brought into your conscious awareness and nurtured through the monthly lunar journey.

Meditate on your Soul Question insights
Take some time today to meditate on the insights you received from the Soul Questions asked in the New Moon. The New Moon in Leo gave us the theme of heart and coeur-age. How can you turn those insights about the heart into plans or intentions, or to short-term or longer-terms dreams?

Create an affirmation for this month’s journey
The seeds for your affirmation are already there, in the insights you gleaned in the New Moon meditation. Use that affirmation to guide and support you when you need to be reminded of the Soul Wisdom you received at the New Moon.

If you did a Medicine Wheel layout for the month, now is the time to fully meditate on the cards selected for the direction of East, the place of new beginnings, and the qualities associated with Air: creativity, intellect, joy, clarity and perception.

If you are looking for further inspiration, consider modifying one of these affirmations and making it your own:

❤️ Love is the source of everything in my life, and I give and receive love unconditionally and with ease.

❤️ My heart shines with love from the depth of my soul and illuminates my journey through life.

❤️ I live with Coeur-age: I act from my heart, I live from my heart, I speak from my heart.

Set your intention(s) for the month
From the seeds of wisdom from your Soul Question insights, plant an intention for this lunar month, for this journey.

It can be as simple as choosing to move more this month, adding a physical fitness activity to your day, or planning what you need to do to get you and your family ready for a vacation this month or for “back to school” in September.

It can be the start of bigger projects that may take longer, those that will require the time to journey from this New Moon in Leo to the Full Moon in Leo on February 11, 2017.

Your journey starts with a single step.
Take that step with coeur-age, from your heart.




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