Lunar Cycles, Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon: nurture your Dreams and overcome Obstacles with Scorpio water energy

SM 800 x 800-10

Today (Wednesday, August 10th) at 11:22 AM Pacific time, Grandmother Moon reached the First Quarter mark in her monthly journey around Mother Earth. The Moon is in Scorpio during the transition, infusing Water Element qualities into our journey – Yin, the Divine Feminine, emotion, intuition, flow.

What do we know about the First Quarter Moon?

It is Action Time! The energy of the Moon is slowly shifting from Yin to Yang – moving outward, upward, manifesting, taking action.

At the First Quarter, the seeds we planted in the New Moon are starting to take root, to anchor their tendrils into the soil of our Soul, seeking nourishment and nurturing.

Yet in all journeys, our Heroes and Heroines encounter obstacles and challenges to overcome before they can reach their goal. Many see the quarter-moons as crisis points in our journey.

So, this is when the first crisis in our journey arrives. As we move forward on manifesting our goals, we may get caught up in “Monkey Mind” thinking…  that busy brain screaming for attention that questions our abilities and uses our fears to keep us off track. We may start to look at the gap between our goals and our abilities and say things like “This is too hard” or “I’m not good enough to do this”… or even worse, “I don’t deserve this”.

Those are voices of Fear. But know that those Monkey Mind voices speaking from Fear actually do want what’s best for you. They developed over time for all kinds of reasons: to keep you safe, to avoid risk, to prevent failure, to keep you in your comfort zone, to keep you in someone else’s comfort zone (family, friends, colleagues).

Know that those self-limiting beliefs no longer serve you. Your guide is your real inner voice, whatever you call it: your Authentic Self, your Wise Inner Self, your GPS (Greater Personal Self), your Soul, your God, your Goddess. That Inner Self knows how magnificent you are, knows how courageous you are, knows how committed you are to being your best possible Self. Connect to that voice. Listen to that voice.

Overcoming the Obstacles

There are many things we can do. I use PSYCH-K® to reveal and balance my fears to more empowering beliefs. And I always start with meditation or a journey with my guides. For instance, you could meditate on seeing your Self already having accomplished your goals and how you would look and feel, what you would do if that new outcome were a starting point in your life rather than an endpoint.

You could also take some time to ponder your goals and listen to those fears. There may be some real wisdom there. For instance, is there anything in your action plan that might need adjusting? Something you overlooked? Additional resources required?

But if the fear is not real, just a pattern that emerges from the Monkey Mind in times of stress, take some time to journey again with your guides and review your goals with them.

Soul Question for Week 2: What is Flourishing?

This is the time to go back to the Medicine Wheel spread you did at the New Moon, and look at the cards for Week Two and how they might help us to flourish.

I shared my Medicine Wheel layout at the beginning of the month, so will use them as an example (see picture below). And if you didn’t have the opportunity to do your own layout, perhaps you will find some wisdom or messages for you.


Correspondence For Week Two Medicine Wheel
Direction: South
Element: Fire
Soul Question: What is flourishing?

Cards: I was drawn to using two decks for this month’s reading, although at times I use only one and sometimes up to three or four!

IMG_6192Card 1: The Whole Moon
From the Brigid’s Grove Womanrunes
The Rune of Psyche, Moon Energy and Mysteries, Cycles.
Message: It is time to listen to the whispers of your body as she is tugged to dance in the light of the Moon. `

Card 2: The Swan
From The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit oracle deck
Water Element
Message: Effortless, creativity, sensitive, mystic, elegant power
When in Balance: infinite creative power
When Out of Balance: agitated, snippy, lacking vision
To Bring into Balance: solo time, writing.

Wisdom from Week Two cards

We each interpret cards in our own style. Some love technical explanations of cards. I go by intuition to both choose the cards and interpret the cards. Feel free to look at the cards and interpret them for your situation and how you like to read.

Karen D. Crane in a recent “Wisdom Work for Women” Facebook post suggests making the cards “speak to each other” by doing a simple interpretation of each card and then making a sentence of the two (or more) cards to create a connection, to create a story with the cards. For instance, if a card poses a question, the other card(s) might provide the answer. Maybe a simple “and” will connect them. Or maybe the cards are working together in synergy, as mine did this week. Whatever process you choose to connect them with statements, the whole becomes much greater than the sum of its parts. You could do this for the entire Wheel layout at once, or just for the direction/week with which you are working. Connect with Karen and her Wisdom Work via her public group Lifestyle Alchemy on Facebook or via her personal page.

My interpretation
I was definitely feeling the Water energy in my journey but mine was not flowing. It was somewhat stagnant… I wasn’t moving with the flow, I was stuck in a bit of a whirlpool… moving but not going forward or getting the desired results.

The Whole Moon rune card suggests that I look inward… listen to my body, my intuition. My theme this month is coeur-age, so I must also listen to my heart. The Swan reminds me of the power of Water…. creativity, ease, flow and how to balance it through solo time. A simple “and” connects these related meanings, as there is already a lot of synergy in their respective meanings.

Ultimately, I took the cards to mean I should connect with the positive aspects of my Yin energy through creativity.

Ironically I had started to feel the shift away from stagnancy yesterday. With the increased Yang energy of the Moon, I was able to start moving forward, and the key I had found was creative writing. I spent most of the day meditating, writing, coming up with all kinds of wonderful ideas and programs… and took a powerful journey with my Guides where I was gifted a whole new way of creating Sacred Space and Calling the Directions when working in Circle.

WOW! The answer to the Soul Question of “What is Flourishing” was creativity! I had a geyser of new ideas. These cards confirmed what I already knew intuitively, and affirmed that my best wisdom was to continue that way throughout the First Quarter to Full Moon period.

What Wisdom do these cards reveal for you?




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