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New Moon in Virgo: Channel your Inner Goddess!


My Moon Bowl is empty… set for the darkness of today’s New Moon

Each New Moon is a powerful opportunity to start again, to embrace the strong lunar Yin energies to connect with our deep Inner Wisdom and intuition.

And this New Moon in Virgo, which arrived early this morning at 2:03 AM Pacific Time, has a very special added element — a solar eclipse — giving us an even more powerful opportunity to (re)align with our highest and best intentions and gain tremendous insight into our path…and our next steps on that journey. This month you will be supercharged with clarity and focus… and possibly overcharged with details, so be prepared!

We are also approaching that time of year when the Earth itself is in balance… use the Equinox energy to gently realign the balance in your heart and soul this month, to bring harmony into your world and into your relationships. So these are my theme words for this month: balance and harmony.

Virgo is associated with the Goddess, the Priestess, your Divine Feminine… she is wise, she is contemplative, she is earthy, she sees the sacred in the profane and the mundane, she communicates between the worlds. Tap into your Inner Goddess wisdom as you plan your lunar journey and goals this month.


Some New Moon activities and rituals to consider before we move into the Waxing Crescent on Saturday:

🌚 Do a Medicine Wheel oracle / tarot card reading for the month

🌚 Set up a new altar celebrating the Goddess

🌚 Meditate with a crystal on your goals for this month

🌚 Take a New Moon shamanic journey to connect with your guides

🌚 Celebrate in Circle with others — sing, dance, share

Part of my New Moon altar is pictured above, with my Moon Bowl set for Day 1 of Grandmother Moon’s journey.

🌙 New Moon Blessings 🌙




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