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Set your intentions with the Waxing Crescent Moon


In our Journey with the Moon each month, the time of the New Moon is the rich fertile ground where the seeds of our ideas and intentions for the month are nurtured in our Inner Self.

Today we can see the first glimmer of light on the Moon, and have reached the Waxing Crescent phase. Time to set your intentions for the month, to let them take root in your awareness.

On the New Moon, I shared with you the theme for this month’s lunar journey: balance and harmony. Today I will finalize my personal intentions around that theme.

And today I will also do my monthly Medicine Wheel oracle/tarot card spread… I always wait until the end of the New Moon phase, when this first glimmer of Moonlight arrives, to do this spread. I will share it with you later this morning.

What will you focus on this month? What seeds were planted that will grow throughout this journey?


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