Dancing with the energy of our Souls


As we approach the Equinox on September 22nd, the theme for our monthly journey with Grandmother Moon is Balance and Harmony.

Someone recently suggested to me that this was an impossible task. He asked, “How can we humans have perfect balance when the Earth itself achieves it only twice a year?”

That may be true… but are we looking for perfection? For absolutes?

Perhaps we are looking for agility… learning to dance with the energy of our Souls… to waltz and whirl with the energy of the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth as their (and our) energies flow from Yin and Yang, from Yang to Yin…

Nothing is static… everything changes, transforms…

These shifting energetic states teach us how to adapt, how to flow, how to experience the world in different ways…. and how to accept all of these as natural, neither good nor bad, just as they are.

Each allows us to delve into our Sacred Contract with our Self… to manifest it in light and shadow, rising and falling, Yin and Yang, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine…

Know YOU, Be YOU, in all your varied energetic states… Expanding, contracting, at rest, in balance… changing and transforming but always connected to Self.

That, to me, is Harmony and Balance.

In the words of poet Nayyirah Waheed (from “Nejma”)

β€œthe truth is
you were born for you.
you were wanted by you.
you came for you.
you are here for you.
your existence is yours.

Yes πŸŒ™


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