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Quarter Moon in Sagittarius: Meet your Mentors for the journey

The First Quarter arrived today, September 9th, at 11:49 UTC. It’s time to take those seeds and ideas you nurtured at the New Moon and take action, and to ask the Soul Questions “What is flourishing?” and “How do I move forward?”.

This Quarter Moon is in Sagittarius and wants us to think BIG… to look at the BIG picture.

Last month we looked at the obstacles that might come up in the journey when we reach the Quarter Moon, such as fear or self-doubt, and ways to conquer them.

But sometimes the obstacle is not fear… it may be a lack of inspiration, or a creative block, one where we literally cannot see a plan for manifesting our goal. We are thinking so big that we cannot see the details.

Our journey with the Moon is often compared to Joseph Campbell’s (s)Hero’s Journey. And at this stage of the journey, our (s)Hero finds their mentor or teacher, the guru who shows them their power and how to dig deep into their Wise Inner Self to understand that they are capable of the journey and to show them the way forward…. Think of Dorothy and her series of mentors such as Glinda and The Scarecrow, think of Luke Skywalker and Yoda, or Jason (of the Argonauts) and Hera.

Maybe you already have a Mentor or Guide. If lack of inspiration or a creative block is your  obstacle, sit with your Mentor and ask for their guidance.

But there is another way…. You can call on ANY mentor or guide who can help you, in a meditation (or journey) such as The Mentors Circle:

Once you are relaxed and grounded, in your mind’s eye visualize (or journey to) the place you would like to meet your Mentors…. a place you feel comfortable and secure, perhaps with a flame of inspiration burning in the centre of the Sacred Mentor’s Circle.

Think of one question, the one question that when answered would free up your imagination to create your plan. It could be something simple like:

  • “What am I missing?” or
  • “What is the key to moving forward?” or
  • “What do I need to know here?”

Think of three (or more) individuals who could advise you. It can be anyone at all, perhaps someone you admire or look up to, or someone you have turned to before… they can be real or fictional, dead or alive, human or not. I had one client who called on James Bond. Another called on her childhood cat. Another called on Athena. Yet another called on Wolf.

Invite your mentors to the Sacred Circle you have created, and ask each of them in turn your question. Listen with awareness. Thank them for their insight and wisdom when complete.

Meditate on their answers, then ask your Self these questions for each Mentor:

  • If I were to take the advice of “Mentor One” (Buddha, Brigid, your Great Grandmother, your animal Guide, etc) as a starting point, what now opens up for me?
  • If I looked at my question through the eyes and wisdom of Mentor One, what else would I learn?

Do this for each Mentor, and journal the insights that are now opening up for you.

I love using Oracle or Tarot cards for my Mentor Circle, and the unexpected insights that a random (but we know that nothing is truly random!) three card draw can bring. I especially like Oracle cards for this. Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Cards, Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map of the World, Steven D. Farmer’s Earth Magic, The Wild Unknown’s Animal Spirit Deck are all favourites I go back to time and again.

Pull a card for each Mentor and follow the meditation/journey the same way.

And know that these Mentors are always available for you next month, or whenever you need their wisdom.


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