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Create a relationship with your new oracle or tarot deck 

I have purchased several new oracle and tarot decks recently, and usually share my first reading from each of them either here, or on Facebook and Instagram pages for Inner Journey Events.

Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck

What I find interesting is that I am usually asked the same question each time I post pictures and readings from each new deck:

What is your ritual for working with a new deck?

I think most folks develop their own ritual, and I’m happy to share mine. For me, it’s all about connecting with the wisdom — and personality — of each deck, with its individual magick. And I do change it up from time-to-time, depending on the deck itself, letting my intuition guide me.

I normally start with a quick smudge over the cards. I light a candle and maybe some loose incense, then sit with the new oracle or tarot deck and tune into it, taking some time with each and every card (yes! every card!), getting to know them, cherishing them, creating relationship with them, and feeling their vibration and wisdom.


Seeds of Shakti Oracle Deck


I ask the deck (or even individual cards) several questions, holding the full deck (or the card) to my heart chakra, such as:

🔮 How best can we work together?

🔮 What is your medicine? Your magick?

🔮 In which area of life do you enjoy advising me?

🔮 How do you like to be cared for?

Animal Spirit deck from The Wild Unknown

And be sure to listen…. One deck said it would like to be wrapped in a purple cloth!!

How do you connect with your cards? 

If you like these decks, do check them out on-line (these are not affiliate links, I can assure you!)

Soulflower Plant Oracle Deck

Seeds of Shakti Oracle Deck

Animal Spirit Deck



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