Earth Medicine

The beauty of transformation


I took a walk this morning, curious to see what the Trees had released in last night’s wind and rain storm here in Vancouver. Whenever possible, I collect from windfall rather than collecting directly from the trees… even though I do ask šŸŒ³their permissionā¤

It was breezy and so invigorating, walking through the fallen leaves with the smells of autumn all around, and I found a few fallen treasures to add to my Autumn incense.

Each tree is changing, going through its life cycle of growth and change… into its time of rest and renewal… preparing for regrowth and new energy in the Spring. Some trees have turned completely and have lost their leaves, whilst the tops of others are ablaze with colour but with the lower leaves ā€” those closest to the trunk and roots ā€” still retaining their vibrant green.

As each tree experiences its transformation, it celebrates with riotous colour, changing from calm and restful greens to brilliant golds, reds and purples until the branches are once again bare… Just as we too can celebrate our own transformations in Autumn, and release in preparation for the rest of Winter.

Yet not everyone has the same perspective… I see cycles of change and transformation, whilst others see only endings. I remember a conversation last year with a neighbour. As I was basking in the beauty around me and snapping pictures, a neighbour walking her dog stopped beside me and said, “I hate this time of year. All those falling leaves are just death to me!”

What medicine did the plant spirits teach me today? That change can be beautiful, as we go through the threshold of transformation.

How do you feel about Autumn?

And how do you celebrate your transformation?




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