Divine Feminine, Lunar Cycles, Witchy Ways

Connect with The Maiden’s wisdom at the Quarter Moon


I love the increasing energy of the Waxing Crescent… each day a little bit more Yang energy as we approach the fullness of the Moon.

And tomorrow — Saturday October 8th — Grandmother Moon reaches the First Quarter of her monthly travels @ 9:32 PM Pacific Time. Are you ready for this next step of the journey?

This is the time to connect with La Luna’s Maiden energy, and the Goddesses of Spring and young women… Diana, Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Brigid, Freya, Hestia… so many to choose from!

In the New Moon, you planted the seeds of your dreams and goals, and now they are taking root, firmly connecting with Mama Earth’s grounding energy and starting to grow. It’s time to take action, to take steps to make those goals reality.

Have you prepared your Soul Questions for your First Quarter ritual and meditations?

✨ Stay true to your dreams as you journey ✨

❤️ Go forth with courage, my love! ❤️

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