Earth Medicine, Energy, Mother Earth, Pagan, Samhain, Wheel of the Year, Witchy Ways

Transforming with Autumn energies


Over a year (and over time), so many changes and transformations take place in Nature. And the alchemy of Nature can happen so quickly by adding — or diminishing — the elements of earth, fire, air and water throughout the year.

In Autumn…
Green leaves turn to reds, golds, purples
Berries and nuts ripen and fall
Some animals prepare for winter hibernation
Plants and trees draw down their energies
Birds and marine creatures migrate

In Spring…
Tree renew with bright green buds and leaves
Fallen acorns root and become young oaks
Animals give birth
Sap rises in the trees
Dormant plants renew and grow

Our ancestors were tuned into the seasons too — preserving foods by canning, drying and fermenting in the autumn; planting and spring cleaning in the spring; indoor crafts and repairs in winter …

How do you change with the seasons?

How does your energy shift?

What transformations are happening in YOUR life as we move towards Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere and Beltaine in the Southern Hemisphere?


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