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Third Quarter Moon: Goddess Empowerment and Stone Ritual Release


Today Grandmother Moon moves into her Third Quarter at 12:13 PM Pacific Time. For some, this is the time of The Enchantress, and the goddess energies of The Morrigan, Lilith and Kali. In other traditions, it is the time of The Matriarch and the goddess energies of Mab, Demeter, Hera and Yemaya. But the commonality is clear… a time of deep knowledge, confidence, authority, self-empowerment and intuition.

In a nod to both traditions, my Moon Bowl is set for the Third Quarter and flanked by Kali from The School of Gypsy Arts Seeds Of Shakti Oracle Deck and the Brigid’s Grove Woman Runes card The Whole Moon, representing The Matriarch.

The lunar Third Quarter is akin to Autumn in the solar year. You planted new seeds at the New Moon, grew them in the Waxing Moon and saw them bloom at the Full Moon. And now, Grandmother Moon’s light is waning, diminishing, her energy is becoming quieter, more introspective, more Yin, more intuitive. You are now reaping the harvest that you started at the beginning of the cycle and are preparing for the completion of your journey by shedding and releasing what no is longer required…. revealing your true self, and only that which is essential for you.

Consider meditating today on the Soul Question(s):

“What is my true essence?”
“What can I now shed that no longer serves me?”

The Enchantress asks that you now trust your intuition and being comfortable with “not knowing” as you meditate on your questions.

Release Ritual with Stones

Open and close this ritual as you would normally do, such as creating sacred space, calling in the directions, calling in your guides, etc.

Using a stone that you can release to Mother Earth (a found pebble or small stone), meditate on your Soul Questions, on what you would like to release, holding the stone in your receiving hand (for me, that is the left).

Once you have your answer, thank your guides and the goddess.

Now, release the stone to Mama Earth in any way that is easy for you… placing in a window box, or dropping it somewhere close to home on a walk. Use your “giving” or dominant hand to release the stone.

As you do so, say something like:

“I now release with ease that which no longer serves me,
to be cleansed and returned to Mother Earth.
Blessed be!”



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