Affirmations, Community

Praying Peace… and speaking out

Today many countries observe Remembrance Day, in honour of those who we lost… those who have fallen… in service of others, in service of freedom.

In these troubled times, many of us have loved ones engaged in active conflicts… in warfare… fighting terrorism… and aiding in the humanitarian efforts to support the injured and the displaced.

I thank all of those who made such a great personal sacrifice, and pray for the safe return of those involved in current conflicts.

Today, in honour of Remembrance Day, I am taking a day of solitude… a day of reflection… a day to honour those we have lost… and a day to pray peace… a day to pray that we can find the understanding, common ground, tolerance and love to prevent further bloodshed and start building a world based on respect for humanity, acceptance and celebration of diversity, and love for our planet.

And I will continue to advocate, lobby, stand up and speak out for my beliefs.

Praying Peace…. and speaking out.



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