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The Thinning of the Veil at Samhain


Although Samhain has now officially passed (although it does remain as the Irish Gaelic name for the month of November), I still receive questions about Samhain, when it should be celebrated, what it means from an energetic/intuitive perspective, and how to celebrate it.

I received a great query through my website last week that I wanted to share here, along with my thoughts. And I would love to hear your perspective on this, in the Comments area!

The Question
The article of ‘The Cailleach’, you state, ‘and the time of year when the veils between the worlds are said to be the thinnest.’

I was wondering exactly when this will be. On October 31 or November 7? Thank you.

My response
The expression “thinning of the veils” is often used at Samhain but few clarify what it means for them.

My thoughts? I believe there are many planes of existence in our Universe (physicists offer string theory to explain the various dimensions of the multiverse), separated by their unique vibration and frequency, yet co-existing in the same “place”. I believe that when those frequencies are similar, we connect with that world… if we wish to.

As mediums or six-sensory intuitives, we sometimes describe our connection with other planes and worlds as tuning in, which is a very apt description. We tune in to frequencies, just as we would a radio. If we connect to a strong signal, we hear words and music. If we can’t find a frequency, we hear static and noise… and just the hint of organized sound.

Natural frequencies do shift and change, just as we can raise or lower our own frequencies. At certain times of the year — the move towards the stillness of Winter, for instance, as the Earth shifts on its magnetic axis — and in certain locations (magnetic vortices, ley lines, etc), those frequencies have shifted ever so slightly to allow us here in the physical plane to more easily access the other worlds. At these times and in these places, the vibrations of our world connect with the vastness of Flow and the Spirit world. The veil lifts… becomes more porous.

And there is another factor to connection:  intention.  Many cultures around the world celebrate the harvest and the coming of winter at this time of year, honouring their ancestors, giving gratitude, and lighting bonfires and candles to honour the importance of light (Father Sun) in our lives. There is a massive global focused intention and awareness. I believe the energy of that global intention also effects the vibrations, lifting the veil even more.

But to answer the question directly…!
I tend to celebrate Samhain on the “true” date, which this year was earlier this week, on  November 7th. And quite frequently I celebrate both, as I did this year.  On both days, I celebrated and honoured my ancestors, and communicated with them.

But I also don’t believe that the thinning of the veils is a digital, all-or-nothing event, restricted to just that specific Samhain date — whether we celebrate on the traditional date or the true date.

Nor do I believe we are bound to honour these special days on the calendar date(s). We have busy lives. We juggle work, family, school, commitments… and our energy.

If the date/time doesn’t work for you, celebrate when you can.
Believe me, Spirit won’t mind at all! 

Just like we have, for instance, the Full Moon energy for roughly three days, we experience the thinning of the veils over a period of time.

As the energies of the Earth start to quieten and draw in after the Autumn Equinox, we start to approach and embrace the Dark (hidden, not bad!) energies of Winter, the energy and wisdom of An Cailleach, and the gradual thinning of the veil between the worlds, peaking around Samhain aka “Summers End”.

The yin, deep, receiving intuitive energies of An Cailleach are increasing in us too… just as they are with our world. So not only is the veil thinner, but our intuition is also stronger, increasing our ability to connect.

So, for me, the week(s) before and after Samhain are all very powerful times for connecting with Spirit.

What are your thoughts on this?  Comment below.

Le grá,
(“With love” in Irish Gaelic)




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