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Explore the Women’s Wisdom Wheel Spread with us on November 29th

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Join Jackie Ladouceur and Della Ratcliffe on the Tuesday, November 29th at 10 AM Pacific Time (yes, it’s the New Moon!) for an on-line exploration of the Women’s Wisdom Wheel, a new spread using your favourite oracle or tarot cards.

Each month, Grandmother Moon starts a new journey, giving us an opportunity for new beginnings and for reflecting on the previous month. And, as we move into Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, this is also a time for even deeper reflection and for planning our next year.

As Mother Earth starts her draw her energy downward, deep into the ground, we can do the same…. looking back at the past year and what we learned, what we have gratitude for… and what we want for the next year.

The Women’s Wisdom Wheel is a tool to help us do that, using our favourite oracle or tarot deck, and can be used at any time of the year, but can be most powerful at the New Moon and the New Year (in the Celtic Wheel of the Year that was earlier this month, at Samhain).

In this Introduction / Q&A, Jackie and Della will:
🌙 introduce you to the Women’s Wisdom Wheel spread
🌙 demonstrate a live reading (and ask for YOUR interpretations)
🌙 share some Soul Questions you can use for each direction on the Wheel
🌙 give you a special preview of Jackie’s beautifully designed Oracle of Horse Wisdom
🌙 answer YOUR questions about the Wheel and its concepts… and your cards!

🌙 We will be doing a live demo of the Women’s Wisdom Wheel Spread during this event, so open up YOUR favourite Oracle or Tarot deck and join in…. See what wisdom shows up for you!
🌙 You may also want to have a journal or other device to take notes.


Jackie Ladoucer, Fields of Wisdom
Jackie is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Equine Guided Coach and Practitioner and mostly a Spiritual Journeyer and Seeker who continually pursues her passion in helping others live from the deepest essence of who they are and in being an advocate for the majestic presence and wisdom of the horse. She is continually inspired to discover new ways of capturing and bringing this work out through her ongoing creative passions and joy in sharing inspirational wisdom and guidance through her work with the horses, photography and imaging.

Connect with Jackie through the Fields of Wisdom website and Facebook page Fields of Wisdom

Della Ratcliffe, Inner Journey Events
Hopefully followers of this blog will recognize me….!  I am a shamanic coach, hedgewitch, and PSYCH-K® practitioner, and passionate about holding space for individuals finding their gifts… their medicine… their authentic Self. I am passionate about entraining with the energetic rhythms of Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon, living in alignment with Earth Medicine and the PSYCH-K® Principles of Nature.

Connect with Della through the Inner Journey Events Website,  Facebook Page  and Facebook Group Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle.

REGISTRATION is required for this event, and all registered participants will have access to the recording and to a download of the spread after the event. So, if you can’t join us live, you can join us virtually!

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DATE:  Tuesday, November 29th, 2017
TIME:  10 AM Pacific time, 1 PM Eastern time, 6 PM GMT 
Anywhere you can access your desktop, laptop, table or smart phone

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