Full Moon, Wise Woman Bean Gealach

Wisdom from Grandmother Moon: Full Moon in Gemini


Wisdom from Grandmother Moon, Day 15
Full Moon in Gemini at 4:05 PM Pacific Time🌕

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this Full Moon has many names . . . the Full Cold Moon, the Long Night Moon, the Oak Moon and the Moon before Yule.

For me, I like to think of it as the Long Night Moon. At this time of year, the Full Moon can be seen longer than any other Full Moon of the year. It arises at sunset in the East, rises high in the sky, and then dips towards the horizon at dawn. Such lovely energy!

In Grandmother Moon’s monthly journey, the Full Moon represents the time of The Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess and the Goddesses of Summer… the fullness and abundance of growth and fertility. The Mother nurtures us, births our creativity, brings us courage and the ability to recognize our gifts. Call on their wisdom and energy to support your journey as we embrace the Full Moon yang energy and transition with it to the Waning release phase.

Embracing the Full Moon energy

For those who did a New Moon Reading on this month’s soul theme of Freedom and Adventure, we are now in The South… a place of fire and passion and creativity. Do you feel that with this lustrous yang energy of the Full Moon?

Consider how you can celebrate the moonlight and the flowering of your dreams and goals . . . perhaps a walk . . . meeting with friends . . . doing something you enjoy . . . a full moon ritual. Howl at the Moon if it feels good!

The Full Moon is a good time to step firmly into the light . . . to look at things clearly and without apology . . . to stand in YOUR light . . . and to shine that light onto your inner Cauldron.

Soul Questions for the Full Moon

From the Outer Wheel of the Women’s Wisdom Wheel spread:
Who am I in wonder and trust?

From the Inner Wheel of the women’s Wisdom Wheel spread:
How can I use the wisdom of The Mother to support me on this journey?

From the Medicine Wheel Layout:
What is Flourishing?

This is a time of action, decisiveness, and fire.. . . and yes, Freedom and Adventure! Remind yourself of this emotion throughout the Full Moon period, and any journeying, meditation, ritual or release work you do.

And as we move to the Waning half of the lunar journey, start to release whatever blocks you from standing in Freedom, whatever blocks you from being your authentic self or from completing your goals.

My Gaia goddess is already shining her light for me, and I have my Scotch Broom ready for some release work🌿

Join us on Facebook in the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle to further explore the Full Moon with more tips and rituals.

Full Moon Blessings !



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