Winter Solstice Five-Day Advent Ritual and Meditation 

Do you have any special traditions for Solstice? Each year I add — or modify  — my rituals, staying present with the changes in my life, where my life is going . . . and what is happening in the world.

I’m gathering materials now for my 5-day Solstice Advent blessing candle ring, and haven’t yet decided whether to go with the scented coloured pillars seen here or switch to the plain white but embellish each pillar/votive glass with the symbols for Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit (or Sun). So many choices!

This advent blessing was inspired by Beth Owls Daughter’s blog (she lights one a week leading up to Solstice) and Brigid’s Grove: Creative Spirit Circle. Beth is also listing these weekly meditation events on Facebook.

Beth notes, “The original source for this particular adaptation was the late Helen Farias, founder of The Beltane Papers magazine, and then it was continued by Waverly FitzGerald in her School for the Seasons teachings.”

Because I’m starting with Solstice only a week away,  my plan is to honour this with a five-day rather than a five-week advent ritual. I will light the first candle (East, Air, Hope) on December 17 and meditate on my hopes for 2017, then each subsequent night light the original candle and then the next one in the sequence, repeating until Solstice night:

  • Candle 1: East (Hope, Air)
  • Candle 2: South (Peace, Fire)
  • Candle 3: West (Joy, Water)
  • Candle 4: North (Love, Earth)
  • Candle 5: Center (Spirit, Solstice Night)

You can choose your own themes for the nightly meditation, whatever speaks to you. For instance, some choose to honour their Ancestors as part of Solstice, other Community. . .  yet others Gratitude, or Abundance. . .  or an even more personal experience.

And if you do not celebrate Solstice but celebrate another holiday — Christmas, Hanukkah, etc — just adjust the start date accordingly. Or use it as an advent to New Years Day✨

🌞 Solstice Blessings 🌞

sidebar graphics 7If you love working with Mother Earth (known by so many names, such as Gaia, Pachamama, and Danú), following the energies of Grandmother Moon (Seanmháthair Gealach), of the Goddess(es), of Father Sky (Daghda), following the Celtic Wheel of The Year, creating or learning ancestral crafts and herbalism, or follow an earth-based spirituality…. or are interested in learning more about this path, you will find great resources – and the opportunity to ask questions, share rituals, and more – in our NEW private Facebook Group, the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle.

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