Divine Feminine, Rituals and Ceremonies

Ivy is the Queen of Old 

Day 4, 🌿 12 Days of Solstice 🌿

Of the three greens associated with Yule — Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe — the Ivy is most strongly associated female energy, the Divine Feminine, and is ruled by Grandmother Moon.

My female Celtic ancestors used the Ivy vines to weave necklaces, bracelets and crowns to adorn themselves during Yule. Men and boys would wear a holly crown (holly is ruled by Father Sun). Ivy was thought to bring clarity, and represented the vitality of Mother Earth and the Celtic goddesses (such as Arianrhod).

Last year I was introduced to crafting with ivy vines, working in circle with a group of women, creating baskets from ivy. It was an incredible experience — preparing the ivy, starting the weave, and sharing stories as we built our baskets. Pure magick!

Think about how you can use Ivy today… or, instead, sit in circle with your female friends — laugh, chat, share a story, drink some mulled cider and celebrate the Queen of Old.

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