Celebrate your HerStory on Women’s Little Christmas

ig_wwbccJoin me in celebrating YOUR HerStory with me this weekend on Nollaig na mBan (Women’s Little Christmas).
🎄 🌟 ❤️

As a child I loved reading stories about strong and amazing women — heroines, adventurers, explorers, leaders, scientists, goddesses and more — even young adult literature featuring independent clever girls (Nancy Drew anyone?).

Some of these tales were the stuff of myth and legend, while others were about real women. And for me, some of the most amazing stories were ones I heard at home… how the women who came before me lived their lives, and faced challenges that we can’t even imagine.

Who are YOUR heroines?

Who are YOUR SHEroes?

The HerStory movement in Ireland is telling the lost stories of hundreds of Irish women from history and today… in performances, storytelling, illuminations and more. One major celebration will be this weekend on Women’s Little Christmas, Nollaig na mBan.

For those of you not familiar with Women’s Little Christmas, it is a holiday from the old days, still celebrated in Ireland, the Isle of Man and in some parts of England and Scotland.  I’ve heard it is also celebrated in other countries. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas (basically at Epiphany), women of all ages would get together and celebrate… and the men would stay at home. It became a perfect time to share stories, bond, dream, celebrate….

So this is my invitation to you. Create YOUR Women’s Little Christmas this weekend. Honour the Divine Feminine in YOUR life. Spend some time with women… family, friends, acquaintances… give them a call, visit, have a laugh, cook  a meal together, craft together, share a story, light a candle, celebrate being women.

Our Wise Women Bean Gealach Circle will be celebrating and sharing stories in our Facebook group this weekend (05-08 January). Join us, or share with your social media too. Blog about it. Spread the word.

I invite you to share HerStories that influenced YOU… changed YOU … inspired YOU. These may be stories from your own life, from your ancestors, from family lore, from books you’ve read. It can be as simple as just a few names of women who inspired you, a picture of someone who inspired you…. or as detailed as you wish.

If you don’t know much of your family history, this would be a great time to connect with other family members and ask them to share their memories of the past.

And if you are not connected to your birth family, take some time to meditate and journey with your Ancestors (this is always a good thing to do!!!!)… you are connected to them through the DNA that provided the blueprint for YOU, the wonderful being that came into this world. You may find some wonderful inspiration on the journey.

We stand on the shoulders of all women who came before us.

Women of the future are already standing on our shoulders.

🌟 🎄 🌟

sidebar graphics 7If you love working with Mother Earth (known by so many names, such as Gaia, Pachamama, and Danú), following the energies of Grandmother Moon (Seanmháthair Gealach), of the Goddess(es), of Father Sky (Daghda), following the Celtic Wheel of The Year, creating or learning ancestral crafts and herbalism, or follow an earth-based spirituality…. or are interested in learning more about this path, you will find great resources – and the opportunity to ask questions, share rituals, and more – in our NEW private Facebook Group, the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle.

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