The magick in my life

I like to think there is magick in my life.



And sometimes I use a little spellcraft to manifest my intentions even more, or to create or support the magick.

How do YOU define magick?

The Oxford Dictionary defines magic as “the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.” Hmmm… maybe not so mysterious! includes this definition: “Magic is the art of affecting the manifest through the Unmanifest. The manifest is all that can be seen, touched, perceived, manipulated, imagined, or understood. The Unmanifest is none of these things. It is the place, or rather the non-place, from which everything issues. All that comes into being comes from the Unmanifest. All that passes away goes back to the Unmanifest.” [Source “Truth about Ritual Magic, by Donald Tyson]

But I like this definition, which I read in a post by Allison Carr, defining magick as:

“the ability to intentionally affect change in the world around me.”

Did you ever see that lovely holiday classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life”? Clarence, a guardian angel-in-training, gives a precious gift to George Bailey on the bleakest night of his life: a glimpse into what the world would have been without him, and how much he had changed the lives of those around him just by being his authentic Self.

George didn’t recognize his personal magick until his guardian angel showed it to him.


Closing scene from “It’s A Wonderful Life”, 1946

So even though you may not always be aware of how you are changing the world around you with your personal magick, know that your energy and your intentions can bring positive — and lasting — effects.

You are truly a gift.

You are magick.

What magick do you see around you?

What magick do you intentionally create in your life?

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