Casting with the Moon

IG - Moon Phases (11)

In my Wisdom from Grandmother Moon posts, I often talk about the energies of the Moon, the Soul Questions for the lunar journey, and the Rituals one might use, for instance, at the Waxing Moon or the New Moon, such as releases in the Waning phase and setting goals or intentions or starting new projects in the Waxing phase.

This also true for spellcrafting, also known as magical workings.

There is a “right” time — and perhaps a better way to say it would be that there is an optimal time energetically — to cast certain spells, and even optimal days of the week, times of the day, Moon Mansions and zodiac sign.

But let’s start with spellcrafting by the Moon using the broad basics of waxing and waning energy. That being said, these are only suggested guidelines and other practitioners may do it differently. But keep in mind the concept of alignment… aligning the intention of your spells with LaLuna’s energy … the rising growing energy of the Waxing Phase… the harvesting, releasing, composting energy of the Waning Phase.

🌒 The Waxing Moon
Ideal for new projects, growth, expansion
From the first glimmer of the Waxing Crescent to the Full Moon

🌕 The Full Moon
Ideal for completing, healing, empowering
1-2 days either side of the Full Moon energy

🌘 The Waning Moon
Ideal for releasing, cleansing, banishing, reducing
From the day after the Full Moon to the last glimmer of light of the Waxing Crescent

🌑 The New or Dark Moon
Ideal for divination, personal growth, inner peace
The three-day (or so!) period when there is no illumination seen on the Moon

What would YOU like to learn more about in spellcrafting?

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