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A Sweet Release Ritual for the Third Quarter Moon

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon), Part Two
Third Quarter Moon in Aries arrives on Day 22 at:
16-July @ 12:25 PM Pacific Time  / 16-July @ 20:25 UTC

My Home Altar, ready for the Sweet Release

Once you have read Part One of the Third Quarter Moon Wisdom, Third Quarter Moon: Your Dark Mother allies, you may want to try this gentle release as part of your work or ritual.

This sweet release Ritual is perfect any time during the Waning Moon, after you’ve completed your Soul Work.

It requires only a dark candle, honey, and paper (I always use my “Zoo Poo” paper!). I adapted it from a “Dispel Sadness” spell I had found online. That author attributed the spell to Judika Illes and her Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells. But here’s the thing… I now have that book but literally can’t find it amongst those 5000 spells or the index! So, if you find it, do let me know the page!

Pull together the items you need for this release:

  • A candle of any type (pillar, taper, celebration, etc).
    • In Candle Magick, Black is associated with releasing, transitions, endings & beginnings, deeper consciousness. But white is also OK and is associated with both purification and lunar energy.
  • A dab of honey (I’m using an organic honey infused with thyme)
  • A small piece of paper and a pen
  • A chant, spell or blessing for your release or affirmation

Start the release ritual by breathing deeply and slowly until you feel the tensions of the day ebbing away. Focus on your breath, feeling that slow deep inhalation reaching into every part of your body and into your chakras. Feel the Air energy reaching into every cell of your body, inspiring you, cleansing you. With each breath you exhale, feel any toxins, aches, pains, or unwanted thoughts to leave your body to be accepted by the outside Air for cleansing and returning to Mama Earth.

Open your Sacred Space in your preferred way, such as Calling in the Directions and/or casting a circle.

Call in your guides and allies, and all directions and elements, asking for their support. And call in the Dark Mother with whom you connect.

  • Hold the candle in your hands.
  • Reflect back on your Soul Questions and what you will now release.
  • Write these onto your paper. I love the dramatic flair of red ink, but anything is fine!
  • When complete, anoint the page(s) with dabs of honey, then fold to seal.
  • Light the candle and offer your small paper bundle to the flames, while chanting your affirmation, release statement or spell.

CAUTION: Be sure to do this safely, preferably on a heatproof plate or vessel such as a cauldron, and watch out for smoke/flames from the honeyed paper.

Use or modify these Release Statements / Spell Examples so they reflect YOU or create your own:

  1. That which I now release, go away from me.
    I thank you for all you did for me.
    Never come back, as I have set you free.
    So mote it be.
  2. With the Dark Mother (or Goddess name of your choice), this is my aim:
    to give (my) __________ to the candle flame
    The fire consumes what I no longer need
    I become my True Self, in word and deed!
  3. I release all that I no longer need, to be consumed by Father Sun and returned to Mother Earth.
  4. And the original example, for dispelling sadness:
    I give my sadness to the flames,
    The fire eats my grief and pain.

The ashes can be given to the Earth to complete the release.

Again, be sure to practise fire safety. Dowse and cool the ashes before safely burying. If in doubt, flush instead!! 

When complete, thank your guides and allies, the Moon, the Goddess(es) and any other deities that have come forward for you.

Close your circle/sacred space as you opened it. Thank the directions, elements, allies, guides, etc.

NOTE: If more convenient, dispose of the ashes once you have closed your Sacred Space.




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