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The magic of one’s own Sacred Space

I treasure the time I spend at my personal altar. It anchors my day, bringing a moment of stillness, timelessness, magic, clarity.

There, I disengage from the sounds and distraction of the busy world outside and step into my own sacred space. I breathe differently when I’m there… slower, more deeply. I move differently… more graceful, like a dance. Sometimes I find myself humming or softly singing… connecting to the vibrations and music of Mama Earth.

My daily rituals shift and change as I follow the energy of the moment… listen to the deep connection… absorb the wisdom… and face the day with grounded inspiration.

This morning my altar routine was simple. I added a picture of our dear Merlin, to hold his energy and our love for him, now that he has taken his place amongst the Ancestors. I added some antique keys to honour Hekate. I lit a candle and am now burning a little Witch Moon Incense… so fragrant, so Sacred. I have added a crystal to my Moon Bowl to mark the progress of Grandmother Moon’s journey.

And I pulled a card for today’s wisdom: Tribal Spirit Dancer (“Let go! Say yes to life! Dance to your heart’s desire….”) from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn.

And all I will do for the next little while is sip my nettle tea… listen… tune in… and breathe.

Namaste ❤️

4 thoughts on “The magic of one’s own Sacred Space”

    1. Great question! And apologies for the delay in replying… I threw out my back😰 I hesitate to say “it depends” but it’s really true. What we put on our altars reflects the nature of our spirituality, as well as our intention (e.g. ritual, meditation, honouring the season or our ancestors, etc). My spirituality, for instance, is mostly Earth-based and shamanic, with a good dose of Goddess energy in the mix. I often have more than one altar…. one for the Ancestors, one for creativity (in my working space) and even a mini-altar in a tin for travelling🌞 My “main” altar typically has items representing the Four Directions / Four Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth), a candle, a smudge wand or cauldron, something to represent the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and my Moon Bowl, as pictured in the post:) I then often add in additional items to represent the current season and its energy … so for Fall, it might be autumn leaves and pumpkins… for Winter, it might be berries, pine cones and boughs, etc. That being said, sometimes my altar is as simple as a candle and a crystal for meditating on… I even use the crystal for cleansing the space and my aura. If working with altars for the first time, that may be the place to start…. ❤️

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      1. Looks like the last few words were cut off, meant to say “If working with altars for the first time, that may be the best place to start… Something simple that speaks to you and then build up from there.”

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