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Tending Your Inner Flame with the Four Elements


Throughout the world — and across many spiritualities — a candle is a symbol of hope, love, faith, and prayer. For me, it represents the flame of our spirituality, the spark that connects us to Spirit, to the Divine, to our intuition and to our Wise Inner Self.

How do you tend that Inner Fire?

For me, there are simple steps and rituals we can follow each day to tend — and balance — that inner flame using the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

As we flow through the seasons, we entrain with the Elements as each takes prominance (some say dominance!): Earth in Winter, Air in Spring, Fire in Summer, and Water in Autumn. Our inner energetic disposition may complement — or clash! — with those energies. We may find that we need to finely adjust our foods, activities, rituals, and practices to maintain our balance.

In many ways, this is the basis of Earth Medicine:

establishing harmony with the world around us.

Each Element has its own dualities, qualities which one could consider as Yin or Yang, positive or negative, expressive or shadow. In Nature, they interact with each other creating even more synergies. For instance, Earth can be warmed by Fire, which can be dampened by Water. Air and Fire together create a fiery intellect . . . Water and Air a more balanced intellect . . . Fire and Water an impassioned emotional state, etc.

Balancing the Elements becomes an exquisite dance as they interact with each other,  and our own quintessence. And at times, we might welcome the imbalance as it may be serving a higher purpose, aiding us in certain activities. At times we might need more Fire, for instance.

Let’s start with some basic qualities, the positive and the shadow:

💨 AIR (moves)
intellectual, curious, inspirational AND restless, disconnected, overthinking

🔥 FIRE (warms)
creative, courageous, enthusiastic, spontaneous AND destructive, violent, impulsive, irritable, addicted to drama

💦 WATER (moistens)
emotional, compassionate, sensitive, intuitive AND dogmatic, intolerant, moody, hypersensitive

🌏 EARTH (stabilizes)
grounded, realistic, practical, trusting, forgiving AND rigid, change-resistant, cold-hearted, security-obsessed

Throughout the coming week, I’ll share my thoughts on each of the Elements and how we can use them in our daily practices, to entrain and balance.


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