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Aries Treasure Map for the New Moon

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The Aries New Moon marks the beginning of the astrological year.  The Fire of Aries sparks your creativity, your divinity, and can support you in setting your map of the year: your vision, your goals and your inspiration.

This nine-card card layout, based on the Feng Shui Bagua, is your Treasure Map for the year and can be used in many ways. There are various Bagua layouts (this one is known as the Western Bagua) and you may find one that resonates with you more. If so, use that. Determine first how you want to read  your Treasure Map, then lay out your cards per the spread below. You can follow these suggestions . . . or create YOUR OWN questions or grid!

TIP: You can also use this layout any time you are starting a new venture, or at the start of a new season, a new calendar year . . . actually, you can use it anytime!

Read the cards individually in the order pulled, and then put together the whole story that the cards are sharing with you.  For each position, the card(s) chosen can:

Card #1  (Self, Gaia and the Whole Year ) gives you insight into your themes for the 2018 astrological year and your Wheel of The Year.

Other Options

Create a Treasure Map Vision Board

Use the layout to create a Vision Board Treasure Map for the upcoming year using images instead of oracle or tarot cards. Paint, draw, create collages, add crystals and other elements . . . whatever inspires you.

Let the Aries creative fire flow through you. 

Create your own Process

The flow of card selection, themes, keywords, seasons, etc., are merely suggestions. Use your intuition as you select cards from one or more decks. Do not look at the image on the card , but hold the card between your palms . . . feel its energy and message.

Let it guide you to the grid where it wants to share its wisdom.

As you place the cards and interpret the Wisdom, ask your guides if there are more questions you should be asking . . . or what Wisdom they want to bring to the reading.

Spend some time with your completed vision.

Let it plant its seeds in the fertile soil of your Inner Garden and bloom!  


Click here to access your FREE Aries Treasure Map, or click the image below:

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