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Wisdom from Canada Goose


I went for a quiet walk along Kitsilano Beach here in Vancouver, one of my favourite ways to connect with Mama Earth, and to meditate and reflect. And I saw so many Canada Geese! Some were loudly honking at me, defending his/her territory, while others stood guard, ever vigilant . . . and perhaps wondering where the rest of the flock might be. The one above was doing a little goose yoga . . . perhaps reminding me to get out my mat and stretch!

And so I journeyed with Goose, my Two-Legged wisdom / medicine carrier today.

Goose teaches us many things.

This goose lore has always fascinated me: When they fly together in a V formation, they can fly 70% further than if they flew alone. When the lead goose tires in its efforts to break the flow of air that carries them all, it drops to the back and another goose moves to the front. All have the opportunity to lead.

Goose reminds me that we always have support, that we don’t have to carry our burdens alone, and that together we are stronger than we are alone.

Some other potential messages from Goose:

  • Follow your own path, not just the paths your friends and family have taken
  • There may be detours in your path ahead. Be sure to get back on track
  • Appreciate and support those on the path with you

Thank you Goose for your wisdom, your medicine, today.

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