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MoonDay Musings: An Affirmation for Divine Balance

I share with you today a daily affirmation for divine balance, crafted by Ann Moura in her “Grimoire for the Green Witch”, and it can be used by all, not just witches, wiccans and pagans!

I am at One with
The Earth, The Universe and The Divine!
Let this day be free from Strife and Fear;
Let only Joy and Love come near;
With blessings given and received
I walk in Peace in Word and Deed.

Why do I share this?

As I read through my Facebook and Instagram feeds, I see that many people are under extraordinary stress right now… about the world, about life, and about the upcoming holidays.

At Christmas/holiday time, our inner resources may become stretched or overwhelmed. We may feel like our GPS (Greater Personal Self aka Wise Inner Self) has gone into hiding. At these times, the free-floating anxiety and stress broadcast by others can infiltrate or disrupt our own sense of well-being, even more so for those who are sensitive to the emotions of others.

For instance, in past years, even just walking through a shopping mall pre-Christmas was a challenge for me… at times, it felt like an assault of brittle anxious energy. My shields are now firmly in place for those moments, but I still sense that anxiety and worry looking for a new home.

None of us has a magic pill to cure the sociopolitical problems of the world but I do know that by living from a place of love for ourselves and the world, we can start to make a difference. We can start to shift that energy.

And when we get stuck in the worry — rolling in the deep of all the things that *might* happen — let us remind our Self that the “what if” place doesn’t truly exist. We create its foundation with our anxiety and build its walls with our worry and fear. And when we live in that “what if” place, we are not fully accessing all the amazing resources within.

And please do note that this is not a commentary — or even a suggestion — for those who experience clinical anxiety or depression. That is a different journey, to which I am both sympathetic and empathetic, with different support and treatment.

Start by raising your awareness to your emotions and outlook. When negative emotions manifest or filter into your consciousness, either from within or from others, choose with intention to focus on “the Now”, being present, and what is true… what is good in your life… what you will manifest in your life. Choose happiness as a starting place. Choose love. Choose to trust that everything will turn out just as it should, however that manifests.

Only in “the Now” can you take action, make choices, and access your GPS, those inner resources that never really went away.

A psychotherapist friend of mine firmly believes that up to 75% of the emotions we are feeling are picked up from others… which also means the emotions we send out will likely find another host. What if we were to broadcast not worry and anxiety but peace, joy and love? What if that were our starting place?

I also have found that working with a positive affirmation can help, as can building shields against external emotions and energies. I have been using the Ann Moura affirmation for a while.

Try using it, or craft your own, when you feel worry starting to creep into your thoughts. Slow down… breathe deeply and slowly … and repeat silently in your mind:

I am at One with
The Earth, The Universe and The Divine!
Let this day be free from Strife and Fear;
Let only Joy and Love come near;
With blessings given and received
I walk in Peace in Word and Deed.
I walk in Peace in Word and Deed.”


Le Grá (with love),

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 6.29.19 PM


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