Rituals and Ceremonies

Celebrate Mothers’ Night on Winter Solstice Eve (and/or Christmas Eve)

Honour the mothers of blood, bone and spirit:  the women in your lineage, the daughters of Eve and Danú, the mother goddesses such as Danú, Frigg, and the goddesses known as the Matres, Matronae, the Asynjur… and the women who have inspired you.

On Mothers’ Night, our pagan ancestors honoured the goddesses protecting and guarding the fields, the tribe, pregnant women, warriors and labourers.

img_5924-2Today I honour my mothers in spirit: my mother Enid (top left), my grandmothers Lily (top right) and Martha Jane (bottom right), my great-grandmother Isabella (lower left), my great-great grandmother Johanna and my great-great-great grandmother, also called Johanna. And I honour my mother-in-law and all the women who have mothered, mentored and inspired me. I stand on their shoulders and give gratitude for the gifts and wisdom they have given me.

Who are you celebrating on Mothers Night?

Blessings to all on Winter Solstice Eve 🌞


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