Divination Techniques & Tools, Lunar Cycles

Waning Moon: Listen to the whispers of the Grandmothers

Grandmothers’ Gift by Jeanie Tomanek

In this time of the Waning Moon, I feel so close to the Grandmothers, the Ancestors.

In the Waning Moon, Yin energy increases and deepens, turning inward towards our Wise Inner Self, making it even easier to hear the Wisdom Whispers of the Grandmothers.

At this point in our lunar journey, we are in the energy of The Midwife and soon The Amazon, and at the Third Quarter, The Matriarch will guide us. These archetypes — these goddesses — ask us to connect with our Divine Feminine and embrace matriarchal traditions.

What are the Grandmothers telling you? I am hearing,

“We all are one. Let love guide you.”

Le grá,


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