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MoonDay Musings: Spring Awakening

Oak leaves unfurling

The March equinox — vernal or autumnal depending on your locale — is a catalyst for a different relationship between Father Sun and Mama Earth, as the sun’s position shifts in the sky. And it is a catalyst for us too, as we explore how the Equinox manifests in our locale.

At an Equinox, the center of the visible Sun is directly above the equator, and extends its rays equally across the Earth. The days then continue to lengthen or diminish, reaching their extremes of waxing or waning energies at the June Solstice before shifting once again from waxing to waning or waning to waxing, and then again at the December Solstice.

Our friends in the equatorial regions will remind us that the changes and extremes are generally far less pronounced between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, but there are still subtle differences that mark the shifting of the elements of fire (hot, cold) and water (dry, wet).

It has now been about a month since Spring Equinox, and I love watching the spring transformation now manifesting here in Vancouver — each plant, tree and animal responding to the warmer days, longer days and more direct sun rays (vs. the oblique winter sun).

And I can sense the spring energies transforming within me.

I love how each tree (and plant) awakens from winter in its own time. The local oak pictured has started to unfurl its new leaves, and enchants me with its grace, colours and potential.

I continue to see little faces everywhere, like on those buds, perhaps the tree spirits / dryads peeking out?

What do you see in the header image?

Wisdom from Grandmother Moon

Take some time to connect with a plant or tree in your locale, and create relationship with it — observing how it changes (or not!) throughout the year, how its energies feel, who its neighbours are, etc. You will find some hints on how to do this in a previous MoonDay Musing post on Tree Allies.

And do consider researching the properties of your chosen plant (or perhaps it chose you!) such as flowers, leaves, roots, fruit, etc). Many plants hold the medicine we need for the season, such as the energizing tonic properties of many spring plants (e.g. dandelion, chickweed, evergreen tips, etc) which lend themselves to preparations such as culinary infusions in vinegar, medicinal tinctures (in alcohol or glycerin), teas, and infused culinary vinegars.

This spring, I’ve been exploring teas made with plum and forsythia blossoms (pictured below), and shrubs, oxymels and switchels, all “drinking vinegars” — so refreshing and tasty! The two jars are a tulsi-hibiscus oxymel in progress, using a recipe from Rosalee de la Forêt of Learning Herbs.

What is awakening or transforming within you this Spring?

What energies are shifting, expanding or contracting?

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