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Mugwort: your Solstice herb for Dreaming

🎶 Dream a little dream … 🎶

Mugwort is one of my favourite herbs for smoke medicine (aka saining, aka smudging), and when dried is wonderful for connecting with dreams and for visioning. Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris L.) is in the aster / daily family Asteraceae .

And there are many ways to use this herb for dreaming and visioning, other than burning it, such as:

You could sip it as a tea:

  • add one ounce by weight (about 28 grams) to four cups of boiling water. Step for  5-10 minutes, then strain and sip. You could also add a preferred sweetener. 
  • for a single cup, add 7 grams (roughly a tbsp) to one cup of boiled water and follow the directions above.

a clear glass cup of herbal tea made with mugwort
Mugwort Tea

You could place under a pillow or carry it with you  

  • place a pinch of the herb into a folded piece of cloth or into a tiny bag, and put it under your pillow as you sleep  
  • you could also tuck it into a pocket or other article of clothing for wearing throughout the day

With Solstice arriving tonight in Celtic traditions, December 20th at sunset, consider working with mugwort tonight and/or anytime until sunset tomorrow, December 21st.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for Solstice . . . you can use Mugwort any time of the year!

Blessed Solstice Visioning!

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