Wheel of the Year

Equinox: complementary essences

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The September 2022 Equinox arrives on
the 22nd @ 6:03 pm PDT / 23rd @ 01:03 UTC.

The Equinoxes of Spring and Autumn are magical times, turning points in the Spiral Dance in our Wheel of the Year, and promises of things to come — Summer, growth and abundance in the Southern Hemisphere; Winter, rest and reflection in the Northern Hemisphere — and times of personal transformation, as our energies shift from Summer’s peak through to Winter’s depths, and vice-versa.

Embracing these shifting energies just as they are is key to our own harmony and balance. Energy is never static, and neither are we. Throughout the year, we dance with the opposites within us: waxing and waning, Yin and Yang, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, the light and dark, Brighid and An Cailleach, the seen and the unseen, action and rest, expanding and contracting, abundance and lean times, breathing in and breathing out. We need all of these complementary opposites to create harmony and balance, to be whole. We are constantly transforming, rebalancing, and dancing between these opposites as we find our equilibrium. 

At the Equinox, we celebrate the exquisite balance between these opposites, that moment of wholeness where all these elements are balanced and in harmony. 

The awareness that you bring at the focus points throughout the year — the Fire Feasts (Imbolg, Beltaine, Lúnasa, Samhain), the Solar Feasts of the Equinoxes and Solstices — is an opportunity for self-reflection, for conscious transformation and to know your Self in all your energetic states.

The Wheel of the Year revolves through the seasons, changing and transforming through eight significant thresholds, eventually coming back to its starting point at Samhain. And, yes, you too are changing and transforming but always (re)connecting to Self, to your Sacred Purpose and to your Sacred Contract. 

But for me it is not just a wheel. It is also a spiral, because we never really come back to the same place. We return with the wisdom and experience of the year or season before. We may have a different perspective. We might have new wounds or we may have healed old wounds. We may be coming from a deeper place, as we get closer to our knowing and connecting with our Wise Inner Self and understanding our Sacred Purpose and Sacred Contract even more.

Take time for your own reflections and learning, to internalize the wisdom learned from this year's experiences.

How will you celebrate the Equinox in your locale? One of my favourite rituals for both Spring and Autumn Equinox is the apple ritual, which can be used to focus your intentions and also as a blessing for the coming season.

Click here to read Equinox Apple Ritual & Blessing

Equinox Blessings!

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