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Wisdom from Canada Goose

I went for a quiet walk along Kitsilano Beach here in Vancouver, one of my favourite ways to connect with Mama Earth, and to meditate and reflect. And I saw so many Canada Geese! Some were loudly honking at me, defending his/her territory, while others stood guard, ever vigilant . . . and perhaps wondering… Continue reading Wisdom from Canada Goose

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Fly away little bird

Earlier this week, I returned a little sparrow to Mama Earth, one who had flown into a window at our home ... heartbreaking, yet with a message for me. I'm sure many of you have experienced this... a loud bang on a window, jumping up to see what happened, then seeing a tiny feather. However,… Continue reading Fly away little bird

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Animal Allies: Embrace your Dingo!

  I love working with my Animal Allies, an important part of my team of Allies which includes life guide(s), spirit messengers, ancestors, crystals, journey guides and so on. I learn from all the Animal Allies that show up for me… creatures of the land, sea, air, extinct animals, and those of myth and legend.… Continue reading Animal Allies: Embrace your Dingo!

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Wisdom from our Horse guides

Horse has come into my dreams for the past two nights. In many ways, this isn't unusual as many in our family have a very strong connection with horses.... as riders, trainers and in healing with horses. But when Horse comes to me in my dreams, there is something powerful happening and some wisdom for… Continue reading Wisdom from our Horse guides

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Talking with animals

Talking with the animals... How do you communicate with your animal companion? And how does your companion communicate with you? Most folks with animal companions say that they understand their vocalizations... but animals communicate and interact with the world with all their senses, which are usually sharper than ours, and even with senses we do… Continue reading Talking with animals