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MoonDay Musings: Owl

Once again, Owl came into my dreams and I am now contemplating her message, her medicine. I have loved owls all my life and collected owl figurines in my youth. They always seemed rather serene to me, although I knew they were hunters. At that age I was not yet aware of their goddess associations… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Owl

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Honouring Cerridwen’s Feast Day on July 3rd

  Tomorrow, July 3rd, is the feast day of Cerridwen, the Celtic-Welsh Goddess of Rebirth and Transformation, associated with awen (poetic inspiration) and the Cauldrons of Knowledge, Vocation & Warming (known to some as the Cauldrons of Knowledge, Inspiration and Rebirth) and with the Dark Moon. As a Triple Goddess, she is also associated with… Continue reading Honouring Cerridwen’s Feast Day on July 3rd

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Celebrate International Fairy Day on June 24

Yes, June 24th is International Fairy Day!  Some think of a fairy as any magical creature but in the folklore of Britain and Ireland the range is less broad, encompassing various sprites, nature spirits — some with good intentions and some not quite-so-good! For me, International Fairy Day is a day to celebrate that heritage… Continue reading Celebrate International Fairy Day on June 24