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Divination practices for Imbolg

Each festival in the Wheel of the Year has some sort of divination practice associated with it, perhaps because the veils between the realms were always considered to be thinnest at the fire festivals, making it easier to communicate with the realms of ancestors, the living and that of the deities and fairies, aka The… Continue reading Divination practices for Imbolg

Divination Techniques & Tools, Wheel of the Year

Solstice Practice: 12 Omen Days for 12 Months

What message or medicine might these images reveal? Several years ago, I started to observe not just the 12 Days of Solstice (and/or Christmas) but also a lovely ritual and divination process for the new calendar year (or coming months) known as 12 Omen Days, a traditional Celtic practice from the people of Wales and… Continue reading Solstice Practice: 12 Omen Days for 12 Months

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A Gift from An Cailleach

I have always wanted — and searched for on local rocky beaches here in Vancouver — a hag stone. If you’re not familiar with them, they are essentially a small stone (typically something you can hold in your hand), with a naturally formed hole through it. Many consider hag stones to be magical, for use… Continue reading A Gift from An Cailleach

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12 Omens for 2021: February

Witch Hazel blossoms This year, I started my 12 Omens divination practice much much later than usual. I usually begin on Solstice itself, but this year — for a number of reasons — I found myself delaying it until January 1st. My omen for January, found on New Year’s Day, is deeply personal and, as… Continue reading 12 Omens for 2021: February

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Card Reading: At the Crossroads with Hekate

One of my favourite ways to focus my meditations and journey is with a card reading. A couple of years ago, I created a card layout to honour Hekate's Night and shared it with my Facebook group. It calls on the Crone/Dark Mother wisdom of Hekate (and our Ancestors, both spiritual and blood), and the… Continue reading Card Reading: At the Crossroads with Hekate

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Be the wind… Be the wave… Be the stag and hawk

When we consider beauty — of our Self and that of Nature — remember that we are also part of that glorious thing called Nature. Like everything on this planet, we share the same molecules and the need for Air, Water, Fire, Earth... and Spirit. And Love. And Connection. As Maya Angelou said, "We are… Continue reading Be the wind… Be the wave… Be the stag and hawk

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Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal

This year (2019), the Sun entered Leo on July 23rd and we began tuning into the 8:8 Lion's Gate power portal which peaks on 8/8/2019 and ends (closes) when the Sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd.  You may see various dates for when the portal opens and closes, but all agree that the peak… Continue reading Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal

Divination Techniques & Tools, Soul Work

MoonDay Musings: Creativity

What does creativity mean in your life? How does it manifest? Often, when I am working with clients — or talking with friends — I hear folks denigrate their own creative abilities.... denying that they have them... feeling hemmed in by traditional definitions of creativity.... afraid to consider that they might be creative at all.… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Creativity

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Radiate your light in the world

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) at the Waxing Crescent Moon I love this time in the early days of our lunar journey. We have moved away from the dark of the New Moon, and each day see the lunar illumination increase. We are on our way to the Full Moon — focused... manifesting... intentional...… Continue reading Radiate your light in the world

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Signs you may be a Priestess

In this lunar month (August 1st - 30th), I am exploring and honouring the Priestess archetype, which we are also exploring in our "13 Moons, 13 Goddesses" course (see footnote). The Priestess archetype has been calling to me my whole life. I was always drawn to ritual, everday sacred, magic, Grandmother Moon, and my guides,… Continue reading Signs you may be a Priestess