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Making the darkness conscious

The journey of spiritual enlightenment is not necessarily a direct or straight line. It is more like a spiral, coming back to what may feel like the beginning but with all the knowledge and experience from the journey. You are starting afresh, but with a new view of the world, with your newly acquired wisdom.… Continue reading Making the darkness conscious

Earth Medicine

Healing with a rose in dark times

A rose reborn... I see signs everywhere. And this was one of them! We thought our rose plant had come to the end of its natural life. It had been failing for some time and put out only one or two blossoms a year, one often in January or February. So a couple of weeks… Continue reading Healing with a rose in dark times

Earth Medicine

Earth Day 2020: Take Action any way you can

You may already be familiar with Earth Day — this year celebrating its 50th anniversary and commitment to a sustainable planet — and may had already planned how to celebrate and honour it, by to honouring Mama Earth or making changes in your home or work environment.  Of course, this year things are very different.… Continue reading Earth Day 2020: Take Action any way you can

Earth Medicine

World Water Day 2020

Today is World Water Day, which is celebrated annually on March 22nd. “Treat the Earth well. She was not given to you by your parents. She was loaned to you by your children.” Our connection to Water is profound. Life on this planet came from water and is sustained by water. Yet that water is… Continue reading World Water Day 2020

Earth Medicine

Christmas-Solstice EO blend: bring the forest inside

  I love the scent of evergreens… perhaps this is why I walk so often in the nearby forests. In winter, I like to bring those scents indoors to freshen up the indoor air — especially if it’s just too cold to throw open the windows. So, each year I make a Solstice/Christmas essential oil… Continue reading Christmas-Solstice EO blend: bring the forest inside

Earth Medicine

Be a steward for Mama Earth

I first posted this image and this quote from scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki three years ago, with a call to each of us to balance the elements within us. “We are capable of even greater things, to rediscover our home, to find ways to live in balance with the sacred elements." But in a… Continue reading Be a steward for Mama Earth

Earth Medicine, Rituals and Ceremonies

Healing as Spiritual Kintsugi

It has been said that a shaman can be defined as a wounded healer... although there is more to being a shaman or shamanic practitioner, such as: the process of how that wound is healed and how that wound becomes transformative the relationship between the shaman and their community the relationship between the shaman and… Continue reading Healing as Spiritual Kintsugi

Earth Medicine

Flower Essences for your Home Apothecary

    When you are making flower essences for stocking your home apothecary, you will be working with local plants. This is a great way to get acquainted with your local flora, and to learn their properties. You can stock your home apothecary with essences that support your emotional state or underlying conditions or simply… Continue reading Flower Essences for your Home Apothecary

Earth Medicine

Create a Flower Essence

Flower essences are a wonderful way to bring the healing power of local plants to you all year around. They contain the essential subtle DNA / energetic print of the flower and can be used for homeopathic healing of all kinds: emotional and spirit. I carry one of the well-known commercial flower essences with me… Continue reading Create a Flower Essence