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The Thinning of the Veil at Samhain

Although Samhain has now officially passed (although it does remain as the Irish Gaelic name for the month of November), I still receive questions about Samhain, when it should be celebrated, what it means from an energetic/intuitive perspective, and how to celebrate it. I received a great query through my website last week that I wanted… Continue reading The Thinning of the Veil at Samhain

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Transforming with Autumn energies

Over a year (and over time), so many changes and transformations take place in Nature. And the alchemy of Nature can happen so quickly by adding — or diminishing — the elements of earth, fire, air and water throughout the year. In Autumn... Green leaves turn to reds, golds, purples Berries and nuts ripen and… Continue reading Transforming with Autumn energies

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Dancing with the energy of our Souls

As we approach the Equinox on September 22nd, the theme for our monthly journey with Grandmother Moon is Balance and Harmony. Someone recently suggested to me that this was an impossible task. He asked, "How can we humans have perfect balance when the Earth itself achieves it only twice a year?" That may be true...… Continue reading Dancing with the energy of our Souls

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Embracing Autumn: entraining with Mother Earth

I am currently participating in a #100DaysOfRitual challenge on Instagram (you can follow me there @innerjourneyevents or follow my challenge posts by using the tag #IJE100DaysOfRitual). I love this challenge, as I get to share not just the special rituals I follow (such as those at the Full or New Moon, or on special days… Continue reading Embracing Autumn: entraining with Mother Earth

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Releasing hoocha in the Waning Gibbous Moon

We have now moved from the Full Moon to the Waning Gibbous Moon, and the Moon's energy is becoming more Yin and less Yang. It is moving inwards, releasing. This is a time for organizing, consolidating, conserving.... and yes, completion. It is during the Waning Moon that I focus on decluttering. This is always good… Continue reading Releasing hoocha in the Waning Gibbous Moon

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Releasing with Fire in the Blackberry Moon

There are so many names for the Full Moon in August ranging from the names of First Nations people — Fruit Moon (Cherokee) and Sturgeon Moon (Algonquian) — to those of England (the Grain Moon and the Corn Moon), and the Lightning Moon as named by some Neopagans. Whatever we call it, I love these… Continue reading Releasing with Fire in the Blackberry Moon

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Be the Wild Air

the element Air... the breath of life... inspiration... the wind of the East... breathe it in, deeply and fully... listen to the wisdom of Air... Air brings the outside world into our inner world and connects us to Spirit... Air releases our inner world to the outside world, so it too can feel our beauty… Continue reading Be the Wild Air