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A healing ritual for the world’s waters

“Treat the Earth well. She was not given to you by your parents. She was loaned to you by your children.” Our connection to Water is profound. Life on this planet came from water and is sustained by water. We are born from the water of our mother's womb and from the waters of Mama… Continue reading A healing ritual for the world’s waters

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Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo

Are you looking forward to the 20-21 January Super Full Blood Moon Total Eclipse? And isn't that almost too many adjectives!? And how could I let this event pass without offering some thoughts . . . a little ritual? An Eclipse (lunar or solar) is a powerful prompt for change, for leaving behind... for release.… Continue reading Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo

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Solstitial Full Moon in Cancer

WISDOM FROM GRANDMOTHER MOON Such a powerful solstitial Full Moon tonight, a rare conjunction of the December solstice paired with a Full Moon. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, this has happened just ten times at the December Solstice since 1793 and will not happen again until 2094. Not sure I’ll be around then so… Continue reading Solstitial Full Moon in Cancer

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Full Moon in Gemini

This is most certainly an energetic day. Not only are my friends and colleagues in the US (and around the world) celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday, but the Sun has moved into Sagittarius and Grandmother Moon is now half-way through her lunar journey, and is fully illuminated, manifesting as a Full Moon in Gemini. Sun enters… Continue reading Full Moon in Gemini

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Card Layout: Diana’s Bow

I first heard of this spread — so fitting for us at the August Full Moon when we celebrate the goddess Diana — several years ago. It is known by several names including the Seven-Card Ellipse, Diana’s Crescent and Seven Stars. I like the simplicity of the Diana’s Bow seven-card spread and have used it… Continue reading Card Layout: Diana’s Bow

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Craft: Make a Full Moon Tea

Have you ever made Solar Tea? It is essentially an infusion of tea or other herbs but uses fresh cool water and is left out in the sunshine to brew. Some call this a cold brew tea. This tea is kind to the environment as no additional energy is used. When the infusion looks sufficiently… Continue reading Craft: Make a Full Moon Tea

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Full Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Beltaine

  With all the focus on Beltaine, it may be easy to overlook the Full Moon in Scorpio . . . or is it? Many celebrate Lunar Beltaine on the Full Moon in Scorpio. And I like to celebrate the Full Moon each month. This year, the Full Moon in Scorpio  falls on Sunday April… Continue reading Full Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Beltaine