Journey to your River of Life

We are now firmly into the waxing crescent energy of the new lunar month. Your Yin intuitive New Moon energy is still powerful but starting to wane, and you are likely feeling an increasing Yang energy as we move towards the Full Moon. We are also now fully flowing with Autumn energies, associated with the... Continue Reading →


Quarter Moon in Sagittarius: Meet your Mentors for the journey

The First Quarter arrived today, September 9th, at 11:49 UTC. It's time to take those seeds and ideas you nurtured at the New Moon and take action, and to ask the Soul Questions "What is flourishing?" and "How do I move forward?". This Quarter Moon is in Sagittarius and wants us to think BIG... to... Continue Reading →

Tip of the day: Use a different perspective to find new choices

During sessions with clients, I often hear the words "I just can't think of another way to...." or "there are no other choices available". And that's okay — because wherever you are in your journey IS okay. But if you are interested in making changes and opening up to new choices, there are many avenues... Continue Reading →

Renew your inspiration with a Spring Vision Board

We're almost two months into the new calendar year. Many of us created resolutions for January 1st... and some of us actually followed through with them! How about you? What was on your list of resolutions and what are you still actively pursuing? If your commitment has dropped off a little, don't despair. Just like... Continue Reading →

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