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My body is a wilderness

Oh how I love these words from Ojibway author Richard Wagamese, who left us earlier this year to walk with The Ancestors. His words inspire me daily, especially in his book Embers: One Ojibway's Meditations. "My body is a wilderness. To understand that I need to inhabit it. I need to contemplate, meditate, and reflect… Continue reading My body is a wilderness

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I sit before flowers to learn their Wisdom

My greatest teacher is Mama Earth... I learn so much from her. What do you learn from Mama Earth? Or perhaps you have another teacher with whom you connect even more? These words by Canadian poet Shane L. Koyczan express my feelings for Mama Earth much more eloquently than I could. I sit before flowers… Continue reading I sit before flowers to learn their Wisdom

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The healing power of the humble dandelion 

I love working with the local herbs I find on my plant walk, a daily ritual for me, foraging in the neighbourhood. And some of my favourite medicines are crafted from what some consider weeds, such as the dandelion and the plantain. I collect dandelion roots in both Spring and Autumn — always ethically and… Continue reading The healing power of the humble dandelion 

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Shifts in your Seasonal Self

As we move from Summer to Autumn north of the Equator (and from Winter to Spring in the Southern Hemisphere), Mama Earth’s energy is shifting…. as is ours. At the Summer Solstice, Father Sun's Yin energy is at its peak and at the Winter Solstice, it's at its lowest.... Yang energy takes dominance. At the… Continue reading Shifts in your Seasonal Self

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Bug bites? Soothe with all natural DIY anti-itch cream

   I was out walking after sunset at the beach last night and forgot to spray on my DIY yarrow bug repellant (it's very effective). Very frustrating, as there were quite a few mosquitos! And even more so this morning, when the mosquito bites on my arms, lower legs, and behind my knees started to… Continue reading Bug bites? Soothe with all natural DIY anti-itch cream

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Celebrate the Wisdom of the Crone

At least twice a week, I take a Range of Motion class at my local pool to keep fit and strengthen my new titanium knees. One of the things I love about the class is the inspirational group of women I meet there every week.... Ancient Amazons all of them! Their average age is close… Continue reading Celebrate the Wisdom of the Crone

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Life Hack: Just begin

Be bold! Be fierce! "Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!" ~ attributed to Goethe This quote is often attributed to Goethe, but the true source is unclear. But does it matter? NO! The message is the key. When I started my workday this… Continue reading Life Hack: Just begin