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I sit before flowers to learn their Wisdom

My greatest teacher is Mama Earth... I learn so much from her. What do you learn from Mama Earth? Or perhaps you have another teacher with whom you connect even more? These words by Canadian poet Shane L. Koyczan express my feelings for Mama Earth much more eloquently than I could. I sit before flowers… Continue reading I sit before flowers to learn their Wisdom

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Making The Darkness Conscious

The journey of spiritual enlightenment is not necessarily a direct or straight line. . . it is more like a spiral, coming back to what may feel like the beginning but with all the knowledge and experience from the journey . . .  you are starting afresh, but with a new view of the world,… Continue reading Making The Darkness Conscious

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Journey to YOUR Inner Cauldron on November 14th

In Celtic traditions, we work with the concept of three… three worlds, the triple goddess of Maiden-Mother-Crone, the triskele symbol, and our three cauldrons of energy: our womb, our heart and our third eye (aka our Medicine Eye) Have you ever spoken directly to your Inner Cauldrons? Forged a connection with them? Asked them what… Continue reading Journey to YOUR Inner Cauldron on November 14th

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Fly away little bird

Earlier this week, I returned a little sparrow to Mama Earth, one who had flown into a window at our home ... heartbreaking, yet with a message for me. I'm sure many of you have experienced this... a loud bang on a window, jumping up to see what happened, then seeing a tiny feather. However,… Continue reading Fly away little bird

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Journey to your River of Life

We are now firmly into the waxing crescent energy of the new lunar month. Your Yin intuitive New Moon energy is still powerful but starting to wane, and you are likely feeling an increasing Yang energy as we move towards the Full Moon. We are also now fully flowing with Autumn energies, associated with the… Continue reading Journey to your River of Life

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Quarter Moon in Sagittarius: Meet your Mentors for the journey

The First Quarter arrived today, September 9th, at 11:49 UTC. It's time to take those seeds and ideas you nurtured at the New Moon and take action, and to ask the Soul Questions "What is flourishing?" and "How do I move forward?". This Quarter Moon is in Sagittarius and wants us to think BIG... to… Continue reading Quarter Moon in Sagittarius: Meet your Mentors for the journey

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Animal Allies: Embrace your Dingo!

  I love working with my Animal Allies, an important part of my team of Allies which includes life guide(s), spirit messengers, ancestors, crystals, journey guides and so on. I learn from all the Animal Allies that show up for me… creatures of the land, sea, air, extinct animals, and those of myth and legend.… Continue reading Animal Allies: Embrace your Dingo!