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Full Wolf Moon Eclipse

2020 brings us six eclipses — two solar and four lunar (full list in footer) — and the first of these arrives this coming weekend at the time of the Wolf Full Moon in Cancer. On January 10th, we will experience a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, defined by TimeAndDate.com as the movement of the Moon through… Continue reading Full Wolf Moon Eclipse

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Pausing to Remember . . . together

As I decolonize my language and spiritual practices, I increasingly look to my cultural past to learn how my Ancestors connected with the land and its changing seasons, and how they celebrated their connection to the energies of Land, Sea and Sky . . . especially at those liminal times when we shift with the… Continue reading Pausing to Remember . . . together

Lunar Cycles, Wheel of the Year

To make and end is to make a beginning

How are you feeling at this start of a new cycle in the Wheel of the Year? Does it feel like a new beginning . . .  or, perhaps a return to familiar territory, to familiar energies? For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Samhain has just passed, marking a new turn in the… Continue reading To make and end is to make a beginning

Lunar Cycles

MoonDay Musings: Bird Medicine

  “Once upon a time, when women were birds, there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy. The birds still remember what we have forgotten, that the world is meant to be celebrated.” ~ Terry Tempest Williams, from “When Women Were… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Bird Medicine

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Blessings on the New Moon in Scorpio

It has been said that, generally, the New Moon in Scorpio is a time to focus on what's important in our life, without its distractions, and to strive towards a sense of peace. I find it interesting that each November, the UN chooses to observe Seven Days of Science and Peace . . . a… Continue reading Blessings on the New Moon in Scorpio

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Theme for the new Lunar Month: Pause

As we approach the “hinge” of Samhain (NH) and Bealtaine (SH), I offer a gentle, somewhat subtle (and yet profound, for me at least), theme for this lunar month: Pause. Yes, pausing.This theme was inspired by the month itself, as the Wheel of the Year closes for us in the North, a move into the… Continue reading Theme for the new Lunar Month: Pause

Lunar Cycles

MoonDay Musings: Wisdom from Ivy 

In the Celtic Tree Month calendar, September 30 to October 27 is the Ivy Moon, the final moon before Samhain. Although I personally do not follow the Celtic Tree Month Calendar — a 13-month lunar calendar inspired by the Ogham tree symbols and popularized by Robert Graves (and largely debunked by Celtic scholars) — it… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Wisdom from Ivy