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Introducing Moon Seeds

Just in time for the New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd, I'm launching Moon Seeds, a special new monthly newsletter exploring the magic of Grandmother Moon, with lunar themes, New and Full Moon dates, zodiac sign info, lunar events & energetics —and a little bit of magick! Plant your seeds of intention at the… Continue reading Introducing Moon Seeds

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Connect to your Inspiration at the Leo Full Moon at Imbolg

Ah, the Full Moon. I look forward to this each lunar month even though it is the New Moon that often resonates more strongly for me. Perhaps it's the new moon association with deep intuitive energy that captures my imagination. Full Moons are action moons. Manifesting moons. Releasing moons. And each has a place in… Continue reading Connect to your Inspiration at the Leo Full Moon at Imbolg

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Spring Awakening . . . with tea!

Some celebrate Imbolc on the precise midpoint between the Winter Equinox and the Spring Equinox . . .  and that day is today, February 4th! Check out to see the precise dates of the Wheel of the Year in your locale. In celebration of the arrival of Early Spring, and the coming Spring Equinox… Continue reading Spring Awakening . . . with tea!

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On Imbolg Eve, let Brighid inspire your creativity

Imbolg and Lá Fhéile Bríde (St Brigid’s Day) will soon be here, celebrating early spring, and the goddess Brighid and St Brigid. Brighid lights the fires of the hearth, inspiration, and the forge, and is the patron of both the healing arts (and childbirth), the creative arts and the sacred wells. Let Brighid inspire your… Continue reading On Imbolg Eve, let Brighid inspire your creativity

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New Moon in Aquarius 2020: Quickening

Blessings on the New Moon in Aquarius 2020 which arrives January 24th, at 1:42 PM Pacific Time, which some observe as Lunar Imbolc (Northern Hemisphere) or Lunar Lughnasadh (Southern Hemisphere). And perhaps most importantly, this New Moon heralds the beginning of a new Lunar Year — the first of the decade  — which in Chinese… Continue reading New Moon in Aquarius 2020: Quickening

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Full Wolf Moon Eclipse

2020 brings us six eclipses — two solar and four lunar (full list in footer) — and the first of these arrives this coming weekend at the time of the Wolf Full Moon in Cancer. On January 10th, we will experience a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, defined by as the movement of the Moon through… Continue reading Full Wolf Moon Eclipse

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Pausing to Remember . . . together

As I decolonize my language and spiritual practices, I increasingly look to my cultural past to learn how my Ancestors connected with the land and its changing seasons, and how they celebrated their connection to the energies of Land, Sea and Sky . . . especially at those liminal times when we shift with the… Continue reading Pausing to Remember . . . together