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Transforming with Autumn energies

Over a year (and over time), so many changes and transformations take place in Nature. And the alchemy of Nature can happen so quickly by adding — or diminishing — the elements of earth, fire, air and water throughout the year. In Autumn... Green leaves turn to reds, golds, purples Berries and nuts ripen and… Continue reading Transforming with Autumn energies

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Sustainability starts with awareness

We are all stewards of this planet, and the choices we make each day have an impact on its sustainability... or not. This quote by Franklin Roosevelt was a powerful call-to-action during the 1930s, when vast areas of the US and Canadian prairies turned into dust bowls, exacerbated by farming practices based on an insufficient… Continue reading Sustainability starts with awareness

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Embracing Autumn: entraining with Mother Earth

I am currently participating in a #100DaysOfRitual challenge on Instagram (you can follow me there @innerjourneyevents or follow my challenge posts by using the tag #IJE100DaysOfRitual). I love this challenge, as I get to share not just the special rituals I follow (such as those at the Full or New Moon, or on special days… Continue reading Embracing Autumn: entraining with Mother Earth

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The landscape of Inner Beauty

I often write about connecting with our beauty and to the beauty of Nature around us, of which we are a part. The beauty of Nature can take many forms... the voice of a loved one, the cherry blossoms emerging in spring, a shimmering and fragile spider web, a lush forest, the vibrancy of fall… Continue reading The landscape of Inner Beauty

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Sharing my song with the world

What is the "story" that you are singing? What is your song? What is the "story" that others are singing? I like to think that I live in a world of awareness, intention, love and possibility... That's my song. I sing my hopes, my dreams, my love of Nature and Her people, her creatures and… Continue reading Sharing my song with the world

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Infuse your Full Moon release with Capricorn’s grounding energy

Do you have your Full Moon Ritual planned for tonight? You can also do your ritual at any time during the three-day phase of the Full Moon, so plenty of time to plan! This month I'll be using a Water Release in my ritual (first published in this blog in October 2015) but I am… Continue reading Infuse your Full Moon release with Capricorn’s grounding energy

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The restorative power of the Sunflower

My life, and the work I do, is inspired by my connection with Nature — entraining in her cycles and rhythms, living in right relationship with Mother Earth, healing physically and spiritually through that connection, sharing Earth Medicine and wisdom with others, and learning how we can live and thrive from the Principles of Nature… Continue reading The restorative power of the Sunflower